Bath Tub Spring, Soldiers Grove, WI 54655

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A stainless steel pipe runs deep into the hillside and pours out into an old lichen covered cast iron tub.  Flow rate is 100’s of gallons/hr.  Going south on Hwy 14 from Viroqua, WI, take a right on H27/82, continue on H27 (veer left) until just past Rising Sun, WI, Take a left off H27 on to highway C, go approximately 2 miles.  At the bottom of a long hill on the left hand side within site is the bathtub:)  If you hit highway B you missed it, turn around.


  1. i used simple PH test strips and this water tested a definitive no less than 7.5 ph and somewhere between 7.5 and 8.0 ph. higher than any bottled water ive tested.

  2. The bathtub was also used to keep one farmers milk cans cold, prior to being picked up. Thorvald, was the fellow who put his cans in the tub. The water is great to drink. Many locals come by and partake of this spring. Others, who have moved away, sometimes return and collect some water. Its in a very pretty valley.

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