Chalk Lake Spring, Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada


Posted: January 9, 2010

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Lakeridge Road (Durham #23) & Chalk Lake Road. North West Corner
Uxbridge, Ontario L9P 0A1
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Parking for lots of cars. Water comes out of iron (I think) pipes. Very Strong flowing and busy spring.

Nearest Address

Lakeridge Road (Durham #23) & Chalk Lake Road. North West Corner

Directions from Nearest Address

On the same road a Lakeridge Ski Resort.

Vital Information

  • Fee: No Fee
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: 280
  • Temp: N/A
  • pH: N/A

Hours Spring is Open:



Map Link: Chalk Lake Spring Map

Submitted by: Shahin Murphy, Danny

  1. Danny says:

    I went this weekend. Very convenient location. (40mins from Toronto). I got a tds reading of 280.

    • ryan says:

      Hi, Im from Toronto too, and am trying to get to this spring but I don’t drive. Do you have any interest in carpooling or have any recommendations of someone who might? Id of course pitch for gas $, please let me know if you’re interested or have any suggestions on how to get there from in or around Toronto.
      Thanks a lot!

  2. Joe Visconti says:

    This is a fabulous spring. My parents came here for years and now my family does. I would like to know if any official test have ever been done on it but I believe that this spring is fantastically pure since it comes from deep aquifiers that travel the length of the Oakridge Moraine. Well worth the trip from anywhere in the eastern GTA or Durham Region.

  3. Tatromain says:

    Our family uses this water for 10 years all year around. 350 liters stay in garage for two months. We cook and drink it fresh all this time and it is very tasty to the very last day. This water is very highly mineralized. periodically, we go for water to the Hawkestone village on Simcoe Lake where water is moderately sulphurized.

  4. Simon Rishel says:

    Been going here exclusivly for the past 3-4 months. I go up ther once every 2 weeks or so and every time I go there there are many other people there. This water is very good and my friends and family all love it.

    • Pvande5607 says:

      I been drinking this water for over 40 years and spoke to a person that used to go there n horse and buggy when the spring was on the other side of the road .  this water is by far  the most pure you will find in ontario and many many wine makers swear by this water

  5. Mo Rosati says:

    Finally got a chance to try this water & I was just blown away by the taste / vitality from the first sip! I’ve been craving it ever since, can’t wait to return 🙂

  6. Rezamoradi says:

    So is it safe to consume everyday?

  7. Darkshadows says:

    Have discovered through converstations with users. People who use this water only for daily consumption (drinking, coffee, ect) have found that their children have had a noticed increase in tooth cavities. Due to the water having no flouride, which is added to city water.

    • nutarac says:


      There is prevalent dogma that “fluoride” …. “strengthens your teeth” ! I remember learning this in medical school 40 years ago. What we didn’t learn was that fluoride compounds have also several adverse effects on your health and well being. What I also didn’t know is that “fluoride” was used for the first time in the “Russian concentration camps” between the 2 world wars, and also in the ….”German concentration camps” during the second world war.I doubt very much the Ruskies were concerned about….. “tooth decay” since in fact those camps were in fact “extermination camps” I’d posit that the “fluoride” was added to the ‘drinking water” mostly for its “calming effect” and its role of keeping the population … subdued, placid, quiet; inhibited; repressed; controlled. Read the small print on your toothpaste.Apparently accidentally swallowing a bit of tooth paste ( pea size portion) is detrimental to your health.Yet, the same amount of fluoride can be found in 1-2 cups of …”drinking water” !!??!!?? Hope you can put 2&2 together ! Hard to believe Huh ? If you want more info on this subject just google… “Fluoride in drinking water” and read the entries. Look for “50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation” by
      Paul Connett, PhD., Professor of Chemistry, St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY 13617. Read and …. start to worry about WHAT you’ve been ingesting for ….how many years ? :-)))

    • JC says:

      Flouride is a very dangerous chemical that never should have been added to drinking water. It is just as dangerous as lead or mercury. Google flouride if you want the facts.

    • The largest reason to get this spring water is that fact that it is not flouridated. Do some reaserch on the flouride that is used in our tap water.

    • Pvande5607 says:

      That is not true as I talked to a person that checked the water and it has a natural flouride in, it so better make sure the kids are brushing there teeth;;;

    • Aquatic says:

      Fluoride is toxic. Research the problems with fluoride before you assume the children’s cavities were caused by a lack of fluoride. Even look up different indigenous cultures that didn’t have fluoride in their diet and also never problems with tooth decay.

    • Lisa says:

      Fluoride does not prevent or fight cavities. Blood sugar levels contribute to tooth decay though.

  8. Rezamoradi says:

    I wish I could find out the PH of this spring, it does taste great though 😀

  9. Emanuelcarreiro says:

    I was just there today. Pretty busy for a Monday morning. Many of the water gatherers were older, retaired couples and they swear by it and admit to drinking it for many years as their primary sourse of drinking water. I know I have been drinking it since I was a child. Now as an adult I have returned to it. Thanks to google Satilite mapping and this site.

  10. nutarac says:

    Any idea where one can find info about “water testing” and how it can be done by single individuals ? Also many thanks to Massimo Rosati who posted videos about a few “natural water springs in Ontario”.
    Great work Mo ! :-))

  11. nutarac says:

    Any idea where one can find info about “water testing” and how it can be done by single individuals ? Also many thanks to Massimo Rosati who posted videos about a few “natural water springs in Ontario”.
    Great work Mo ! :-))

  12. Harry Hayes says:

    As a resident of the area for over 17 years now, what I know about the water is it comes from an artesian spring deep underground and since the soil in the whole area is Sand and Gravel, it makes sense that the water is clear. I believe it too be some of the best in Ontario. My home is located with-in 500 yards of the Spring and my well tests 0/0 every time we have it checked. Since it’s the same source as the Spring itself, I would assume it’s safe. We have the benefit of turning on a tap and having access to this water that many drive to from Toronto. The water in Chalk lake, where the Springs flows, is checked each year by the resident’s association and it has always tested clean as well.

  13. drinker says:

    What happened to this spring is the water still good to drink straight from the spring?

    I read in the Star about a landfill site in the area and that the water is getting contaminated, is this true?

    Please inform.

    • Kerry says:

      I’d love to know more details too. I haven’t been feeling great for a few weeks now… about the same amount of time that I picked up some water from here and started drinking it. Have sourced water from here before and have felt fine (great even!). The Ministry of the Environment did testing in April but could the dumping in the pit 5km up the road be affecting the water? Also, here is a link to the article in the Toronto Star for those who are interested–oak-ridges-moraine-not-safe-yet

      • ryan says:

        Hi, Im from Toronto, which I noticed you commented on the Toronto star so I figure you might be too. I don’t drive. Id of course pitch for gas $, do you have any interest in carpooling to get the spring water? Please let me know if you’re interested or have any suggestions on how to get there from Toronto.

  14. Angiecbc says:

    Does anyone go there from Toronto? I want to go there so bad but I don’t drive. Would be willing to pay half for the gas. Email me at

  15. Jennifer says:

    We started drinking this water to take to our camp in Stouffville … it’s by far the best I’ve ever tasted!! Fresh and COLD … haven’t had any side-effects with drinking it either (not sick) … it’s always exciting to fill up our water jugs to take with us! Makes a great cup of coffee 🙂

  16. Flytyer2010 says:

    Has anyone ever noticed a reddish colour from the water when it is boiled? I have been using this water for about a year now, and I tried it in a big pot of vegetable soup that I made and found a reddish purple coloured stuff on the surface when it was boiling. There was nothing in the soup that could have created this colour. I heard from a friend theat they also experienced this.

    • Dmin187 says:

      Hi,  I have used this water exclusivly for 2 years now and boil it all the time, We drink allot of tea and never get redish colour from boiling it or with our cooking.  best water available around here.

  17. Melody says:

    those that visit and collect large quantities of water -how do you store the large amounts of water collected? I assume the jugs or containers must be sterilized prior to filling?

  18. Rick Dolishny says:

    Our family has been drinking from this spring for almost 10 years. Best spring in Ontario. Since moving to Peterborough I make the trip when visiting clients at least once a month. it’s worth the drive!

  19. Guest says:

    Amazing quality, it tates much less acidc than the city of Oshawa water.

  20. Dudemasterflash says:

    This water Tastes Much less acidic than the city of Oshawa water. Oshawa water has added chlorine and and fluoride and who knows what else ?

  21. Drinker says:

    I read that there is dumping just 2 km North of here by Earthworx Industries and there are questions on whether or not that the water is contaminated. I know that there is an extremely bad sulfuric smell…again… the past few days (rotting egg) as I drive by and have to close air intake off in my vehicle. Anyone with ANY INFO on this?

  22. King says:

    This water is pure. It does not have an odour, strange colour, or contamination. If you don’t believe me, then go back to city water.

  23. Marc says:

    Nice spring! Dropped my asthma inhaler while I was there though 🙁

  24. brent says:

    any recent testing or info on the spring?

  25. Nate says:

    I’d also like to trek up here from Toronto. Any recent testing done? Apparently there’s dumping nearby? Any testing done since then?

  26. razz says:

    Is the spring open in the winter time? Also where do you guys get some nice glass storage containers (preferably tinted)?

  27. Peter says:

    This was my first trip ever to collect some non-chlorinated, non-flurated, non-drugged, and chemo-treated water. Wow what a difference it is to tap water and commercially available bottled water! I am really impressed by the taste, texture, purity is amazing. After drinking now probably over 4 glasses of this un-boiled, un-treated water, I feel just how much more energy I get from it. Weather it is psychological or chemical, I don’t know but definitely not going back to tap water ever again in my life!

    This spring is being used by many people, just today I have seen 3 cars parked, people filling up gallons and gallons of water. The taste is amazing and I don’t think there is any contamination what so ever. One couple I talked to advised to run water through filter to bring down mineral content a little bit which I thought is a nice idea given that this spring has TDS of around 280, and I would be comfortable to have it at around 150.

  28. Cory says:

    just arrived back from my little trip to Chalk lake spring, the water was the best tasting I’ve ever had driving from Pickering it took a round trip of an hour well worth it!!! going to pick up 5 20L glass carboys to make this a regular occurrence fresh all natural water over fluoride and chlorine filled tap and or bottled water any day!!!!

  29. guyver says:

    I tested the pH of this water TODAY with a pet shop fish tank test kit and it reads 8-8.5 pH. Tastes good.

  30. jim says:

    Has anyone noticed the new signs this week? They’ve added “not intended for human consumption”. Cya?

  31. man says:

    it simply implies that- “not intended” Local de-facto government is just covering their ass should some un-expected situation come about that someone gets sick. Too bad that life, we don’t need a nanny state government.

  32. The Darkness says:

    I came here for 4-5 years, I really loved this spring, but recently I’m noticing white spots on my teeth that weren’t there before, like dental fluorosis. Could this be as a result of the nearby dumping?

    I cook with this water, I drink only this water and I brush my teeth with fluoride-free toothpaste, so I’m pretty positive it’s not coming from anything else.

    Could somebody kindly test this water to see if there’s anything out of the ordinary going on with it and post a reply? I am very, very concerned.

  33. Mel says:

    I’ve been drinking this water on and off for a few years now. Just this last December after drinking only the spring water for a week I began to have digestive issues (gastritis symptoms). I thought it was stress or diet related and after modifying my routine and lifestyle I didn’t notice a difference. It occurred to me it could be the water. I decidedto see what happened when I stopped drinking it. Sure enough in a week or so my symptoms cleared up. I stopped drinking it for a while and last month I went back to get more thinking maybe this time I’d be fine and sure enough after a few days of drinking the water I gotthe same symptoms. Prior to December I didn’t have these symptoms when I drank the water. I know some locals who swear by the water and I’d love to believe that it’s safe but this experience has made me question that. I’d love to know for sure if this water is safe. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

  34. Amanda says:

    Any word if this water is still safe. I heard that it wasn’t?

  35. Weston says:

    I’ve been coming to this lake for a while, but I’m starting to notice some plastic-like film floating around in the water.

    It’s unfortunate that not one person out of the thousands that visit this spring cannot contribute at least once every few months to test the water to make sure it’s safe.

    There’s been dumping going on, but these people are like cattle who continue to consume and don’t ask questions.

  36. MonKM says:

    Does anyone have recent testing status of the spring? Have been getting water here and it tastes/feels great – just want to be sure. THANKS! 🙂

  37. jennifer says:

    I am buying some water testers/meters so i can test the salinity, ph and tds of the water these were not expensive buy waiting for them to ship. there is a flouride meter on amazon called extech fl700 however it is about $200.00 which i do not have right now. if anyone does please buy these tester for us so we can test the flouride levels

  38. Fresh says:

    Can we get some decent people to test out the water every no and again?

  39. ryan says:

    Hi Im another Toronto guy who doesn’t drive so just looking for a carpool and Id pitch gas money. If anyone in or around Toronto is interested please message me. Thanks

  40. ryan says:

    Im from Toronto but like others don’t drive so Id pay gas $ if someone wants to carpool. Thank you.

    • Claudia says:

      Im thinking of driving there soon for my first time fill up. Am open to taking you along if you want to get some water. Email me with the header “spring water”
      Claudia (am located at Coxwell Danforth Toronto)

  41. Rob says:

    Just tested the PH from a sample taken on the weekend. Got a reading of 7.92

  42. Charlene says:

    Last comment I see is from 2014…has anyone any update on this spring?

  43. John says:

    I haven’t seen any new comments since 2014. Just heard about this location. Has anyone RECENTLY (this year) had the water tested?

  44. CS says:

    I also noticed white residue left behind in my water cooler. It also leaves behind jelly like white residue. Not sure what it is. Anyone know? Thanks 🙂


      I noticed a lot more white residue and floating stuff which I believe is lime or calcium scale. Which I think is fine to ingest. Still it would be great if the township would test it for metals etc., and take the sign away that says not for human consumption…. The ElmvaleOntario spring doesn’t have such a sign.

    • donald jackson says:

      From the name of the lake it flows into , chalk lake . Been drinking this water for over 30 years and used to send in a sample once in a while but always comes back pure . NO chlorine just minerals and some chalk . NOT from treated municipal water often from lake Ontario through pipes of questionable age , material or cleaning .

  45. doingmyresearch says:

    A little research online has made me hesitate to use this spring. read:

  46. Bill says:

    We have been drinking this water for several years now and it is the best tasting water I have had
    We drive from Aurora and fill about 120 litres each trip
    I have tested the ph and its alkaline at about 8

  47. Dana says:

    This spring has magical, wild water and the most handsome long haired man that comes here.

  48. Lauren says:

    Any new updates on this spring? I have never done a test. I drink a lot of this water though!

  49. Brexton says:

    Hi friends,

    I have read mixed reviews about this water. I tried it the other day and I agree, it tastes great. My concern is though is it safe? What is the latest developments with the contamination reports from a few years back. It’s super important to solidify this info.

  50. Kat says:

    This water is SAFE to drink! The white is calcium build up from it being Hard water. This water is also tested weekly as I talk to many while I am getting my own water and one works for the city water services and she told me they bring in samples weekly for testing.

  51. Lisa says:

    I would be willing to do a complete testing of this water. I’m curious as to what sorts of metals/pollutants would be present, if any. Testing is very expensive though ($200-$400 for a comprehensive test done by a private lab). If anyone would be willing to chip in with the cost, I will e-mail you the results once I get them. Please e-mail and let me know if you’d like to contribute. Thanks!

  52. Lili says:

    We had the water tested and as per the results we got, it is all clear!
    Hardness 12 gpg
    Iron 0.53 mg/l (ppm)
    Manganese 0.1 mg/l (ppm)
    pH 7.8
    TDS 205 mg/l (ppm)
    Water had a slight odor when we first collected it but it didn’t linger. It is clear and great tasing.

  53. Scott says:

    One thing I notice is how many of you are concerned about the water being frequently tested yet u all go back for more without the test results… Water makes up 99% of who we are and we need it to survive. And people are collecting it from an iron pipe in a concrete block and thinking it’s the best water around? I understand that it’s probably better in some ways then tap water or even most bottled water considering the restrictions for our drinking water are so weak I can run toilet water through a Brita and bottle it and sell it having people think it’s natural filtered water and legally get away with it. Quit being cheap and find a corner store with an reverse osmosis system to fill your 5 gallon jugs. The happy market here where I live even has u gotta pay a couple bucks big whoop. Saves u the gas money and puts it toward properly filtered drinking water. Safe drinking water should have a tds value of under 10ppm. And a ph of 7. No higher and no lower especially by drastic amounts. All that excess shit in the water that makes up a high tds value has to be now filtered through your kidney and liver. (Instead of an reverse osmosis machine) your body trys to filter it so you have pure water to hydrate with… Water filters have tonne changed over time. Why arnt u caring about your own internal organs that filter the water. Think those are more robust then the water filters u can buy in stores? Doubt it. All that shit doesn’t come out in your pee i can guarantee that… especially hard metals and byproducts in the water. Alot of that goes straight to ur brain. Main cause of ALOT of disorders and diseases that affect you in a long term way and shows up when you are old. People shouldn’t be dieing in their 70s or losing their minds and forgetting their families at that age… maybe all the bullshit gunked up over years of unhealthy water and food and air is the cause… well we know it’s the cause for the most part… start educating urself on what u need to survive as a human being. Then educate urself on the quality of that of which you’re intaking

  54. Waterlife says:

    Hi there 🙂 would somebody please send me a copy of the most recent water report, thank you kindly.

  55. Ted says:

    I would caution on depending on the recent lab testing done in April 2018 for definitive results. The April testing covered only a small snapshot in terms of time and only a small list of parameters from the Ontario Water Drinking Objectives Regulation 169/03.

    To quality the water as drinkable, regular testing is needed against the parameters in Regulation 169/03. The testing would be expensive which is why Durham Region doesn’t test and posted a sign warning of the risks.

    Given the known landfills which have contaminated fill further up the Moraine and the unknown areas where contaminated fill could have been dump, I’d put the water through a filter (at least a decent activated charcoal filter if not a multi-stage filter), to lower the risks.

  56. Ted says:

    Again regarding the test results taken earlier in 2018, take this with a grain of salt. They are strictly a snapshot of the results. Only a regular monitoring and sampling program can determine if any ground water contamination has taken place from the documented and undocumented landfill sites that are in proximity of the spring in the moraine. As a safeguard, filter the water with a conventional activated charcoal filter system (heavy metals, chlorinated products etc. will be removed, but most of the mineral content will still be in the filtered water). I do water sampling and analysis as part of my job and I’m speaking from experience.

  57. Lisa says:


    I’ve had over a hundred email requests for testing results from this spring. However, I didn’t want to post them before out of fairness to the individuals who found my post and contributed toward the total cost of testing being almost $350.

    Now though since it has been almost a year (we tested April, 2018), these results are old. Please note that ground water testing provides simply a snapshot in time, and it does not indicate the condition of the water from one season to the next. If you want to collect spring water from ANYWHERE for the purpose of consumption, you should have a way to filter it before hand.

    Testing is unreliable in the long-run unless you do so at least 4 times a year, because if you know anything about groundwater and how aquifers work, the dynamics of the water change depending on the seasons. I didn’t know much about these things until I went through the testing process. I learned a lot along the way, and after what I’ve learned I don’t think I will be testing the water again in the future. With that having been said, my family still loves this water and continues to drink it as our primary source of drinking water, AFTER we have filtered it through our Berkey water filter (I highly recommend getting a Berkey – they’re excellent).

    Test results from 04/09/18 were fine. Minerals and sodium were on the high side: minerals were 287 mg/L and sodium was 25.3 mg/L. pH was 8.05. Everything else was unremarkable. If there’s a specific parameter you’re looking for other than those, I will keep the address active and try to answer additional questions there.

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