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Posted: March 4, 2014

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22049 Main St.
Abita Springs, LA 70420
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Located in the town named for it, Abita Springs, the site was originally a Choctaw Nation Village centred around the Artesian Spring – said to have great medicinal qualities. Near the Abita Trailhead, Park, Museum & Pavilion

Legend of the Spring:

For centuries the local Choctaw Indians knew about the healing powers of the water found in what is now known as Abita Springs.

This story is of a young Spaniard named Henriques who lived in
Louisiana during the late 1790s. While hunting along the shores of Lake
Pontchartrain, he met a beautiful Choctaw girl and persuaded the chief
to allow them to marry. After bringing her home to New Orleans,
Henriques watched his wife grow pale and weak, and soon he realized that
she was very ill.

None of the local doctors could cure her so Henriques finally consulted
the Choctaw’s medicine man. The young woman was carried to the spring
and left there with only a hammock, food and a dipper to drink from the

When Henriques returned, to his amazement, his wife was totally well and the water’s fame as a curative began to spread.

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  1. Hana says:

    Sadly, it looks like the spring in Abita springs, LA is no longer open. Tourist info informed us upon our arrival.

    Also, this site is great! But unfortunately it doesn’t work too well on my iPad or iPhone, I think there’s too much java script maybe? Do you have an app or a simpler text only site??

  2. Daniel says:

    I visited the site today to collect water for the first time. The fountain is in the triangular park by the large roundabout, behind the gazebo. You push a red button to make the water flow. According a Town of Abita Springs facebook page post (12/14/16) the town has recently started adding chlorination to the public water. After filling up a 3 gallon jug and getting it home, I opened it and caught a big whiff of what I guess was chlorine. I say I guess because I don’t know what fresh spring water should smell like. Don’t know if that means this water is still classified as “springs water”, but other than the chlorine taste it seems to be crystal clear and tastes ok.

  3. Nancy says:

    This water does come from an underground well, but is now treated with the legal requirements for chlorine.

    Tap water comes from the Abita aquifer but is treated. https://pubs.usgs.gov/fs/2009/3064/pdf/fs2009-3064_.pdf

  4. Jared says:

    The spring is still open so not sure what HANA above is talking about. However, after drinking water straight from the fountain for the past several years, I have ceased doing so. Why? The reason is in harmony with Daniel’s comments. I typically would fill up about 10 gallons of water at the spring/fountain and this would last me one to two weeks. I then use the 10 gallons to fill smaller 1 liter glass bottles for daily drinking. One day, I left a bottle in my car on a hot summer day. When I opened the bottle, I noticed the strong smell of chlorine. Apparently, the chlorine had off-gassed into the head of the bottle. So, about a month ago, I stopped going to the spring for water and chlorine can hinder one’s absorption of iodine (which in turn disturbs the thyroid). And I don’t take in a lot of iodine since I avoid bread/crackers due to the yeast, dairy, and only eat meat on occasion. Hope this helps!!

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