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Posted: September 24, 2009

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Highway 33
Ojai, CA 93023
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Minerally taste, clear, very little sediment. cool but, not ice cold. Piped.

The water was named due to travelers who would be severely thirsty and drink too much of the water when they found it. Not because the water itself is toxic and gives one a belly ache!

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Nearest Address

hwy 33 – Maricopa Hway; mile mark 22.

Directions from Nearest Address

From Ojai: Take hwy 33 toward maricopa. Pass matilija canyon and wheeler gorge. A few miles past you will see mile mark 22 with waterfall on left. Hike up past the waterfall and find the pipe.

Additional notes: Keep going up highway 33 and you will see a definite waterfall, on your left side, if you’re headed north, also a place to park in the dirt. As of March 2020 the spring is flowing from a pipe about about 100 feet to the left of the waterfall, if you are looking directly at it. It’s not very far from the road, and it’s pretty easy to fill up.

Vital Information

  • Fee: No Fee
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: 342
  • Temp: 21° C
  • pH: 7.5

Hours Spring is Open:

N/A – should be open 24 hours, however not safe to travel up to the spring while dark. daytime is best.


34.5303°N -119.2707°W

Map Link: Belly Ache Springs Map

Submitted by: The Healing Patch Raw Cuisine (Julie and Sarah)

  1. tiffanyandhenry says:

    We're super impressed with the initiative of Julie and Sarah finding the source of this spring, and for Julie's help when we contacted her for more information. Its a steep grade, you do have to hike through the stream in some places and there is really only the hint of a trail. To get to the pipe, stay on the water and keep going up…its only about 10-15 minutes from the waterfall to the pipe. The mineral water is lovely to drink. You can probably only hike about a few mason jars of water out…its precarious going down in some places.

  2. tiffanyandhenry says:

    We're super impressed with the initiative of Julie and Sarah finding the source of this spring, and for Julie's help when we contacted her for more information. Its a steep grade, you do have to hike through the stream in some places and there is really only the hint of a trail. To get to the pipe, stay on the water and keep going up…its only about 10-15 minutes from the waterfall to the pipe. The mineral water is lovely to drink. You can probably only hike about a few mason jars of water out…its precarious going down in some places.

  3. zenbunni says:

    First Raw Water Harvest.
    We drove up from Topanga Canyon once we learned about Daniel and all his amazing work. We love and will continue to spread the word…..we are firm believers that we are now truly connected and fueled by Mother Nature. Yes this hike is pretty serious and pretty difficult with a 3 gallon jug…..but we did it. We're gonna bring a few bottles and do several trips next time….and make this a monthly habit. There is also a site called that has more info about the spring and a water profile!!
    We're also gonna try and make this expedition a bit easier for others someway without disrupting the natural flow.

  4. Asuka says:

    We tried to find this spring a couple weeks ago. There were trails on both sides of the falls, and we didn't know which one to follow, we tried both but they were both really washed out and overgrown at certain points so we thought we were doing something wrong. But reading the descriptions here, it seems like it can just be a tricky spot to get to! We're going to go back in a couple weeks and try again.

    • Anthony says:

      I hope youve gone back since…its really worth it. Most of the hard part is on the right side of the stream as you walk up…its steep up and then down, and then you cross over the stream and keep going up. You were probably pretty close. Bring a hiking backpack and some good shoes and youll be able to get maybe 5 gallons per climb.

      I was covered in sweat after the first climb…we really have to earn that water lol

  5. Aaron M. says:

    This was the very first natural spring I've ever been to and was suggested by my cousin (his second time) to seek the best natural water. Boy was he correct. The water coming from spring is absolutely amazing. So fresh, tastey, RAW, and yes if you are skeptical……it is completely safe. I drank over 6 liters within a few days and had absolutely no problems. A true resource for a raw vegan (such as myself). The spring is a little challenging to get to so bring some good shoes (traction or even water proof), maybe gloves as the rocks are sharp, and a buddy to get more water. Probably better to claim water during sunlight too even though we did it in the rain. But rest assure, this gift of life from God is so amazing.

  6. Debbie says:

    Hi Folks!
    You now can get SPRING water coming out of your TAP WATER!!! For real!! Please watch this movie on water!!
    Please watch as soon as possible because this is at least the 2nd time they’ve taken it out! Don’t know how much longer it’ll be there! It is just on water!! Not put out by any company selling anything. It’s a documentary on WATER and its many properties: such as memory and biophotonic energy! Our units have all the properties of spring water and its energy! Even more energy!

    Water has to have HIGH ENERGETICS! Spring water does, but you can now get it out of your TAP! NO MOVING PARTS! No magnets! Designed by a phycisist that worked for the Military working on Cloaking technology!! LIFETIME WARRANTY! IT MIMICs 10-15 miles of running stream water going over rocks creating 1000’s of vortices! For more info email me!! Tigger_eyes_here and I use yahoo. so tigger_eyes_here {at}yahoo{dot}com. YOU SHOULD SEE OUR GARDEN!! ANIMALS will choose this water although I would love to do a test between this spring water and our water!! So someone w/a dog please email me with this spring water and let’s do a test!!!

    BTW David Wolfe is getting a DVD about this soon. HIs secretary AVOCADESS is excited about it because it will save her lots of gas and lots of $$!!!!

    The owner of this company was at the LONGEVITY conference and he met up w/the LIVER DR and they did a DARK FIELD BLOOD analysis. I have before and after photos from just 10 minutes after drinking this water!!


  7. Dave says:

    Awesome. I stopped by today, but I had no hiking gear and was filling a 2 3-gallon carboys, so I realized pretty quickly a hike was not going to happen. If there are some intrepid water foragers out there who feel like tying climbing ropes to make the ascent (and descent!) easier, we would all appreciate it. I only made it to the second or third tier before I realized that it would be impossible to fill by jugs by myself- so I don’t know if the rest of the trail is as daunting as the beginning. Still, I’d love to get up there some day. . .in the mean time, I filled up near the waterfall. Haven’t tried it yet, but I’ll be very careful, as it has traveled a long way over land to get to my bottle. Thanks to all for the find! Happy drinking!

    • Anthony says:

      It sounds like you have to bring a big backpack and carry some plastic one gallons (the NZ Artesian from trader joes is a great bottle for using for springwater…the plastic handle allows the carriage of at least two gallons per hand, plus the backpack. Sounds like a few trips are in order to fully stock up though! Ill be checking this out next month after a sedona load up

      • Anthony says:

        I went here on monday the 29th – wow it was a hike. I had (10) 1 gallon jugs with me, and after the first climb I stopped at just the four I filled. Climbing back down with 2 gallons in each hand was crazy. You have to cross the stream and the slopes are very steep. If I didnt have more sedona water at home I wouldve kept going but I was sweating after the first round. the water is really nice though – I saw a guy filling up at the bottom but I would be a little wary – lots of birds and who knows what else around…the water comes down at least 200 feet from the source, lots of time to pick up some funk.

        So definitely bring good shoes, a backpack, and expect your feet to probably get wet on the way. But the view and the water are both epic – I would surely come back and do it again. Its at mile marker 22-37 – right across from the view is the waterfall – there is a great parking area. When you drive back down the mountain there are lots of white sage and even wild anise growing, and I even picked some sweet pomegranates closer into town. Fun day!

  8. Mil says:

    We just tried to get up to the pipe at the top yesterday 31 December 2010, but we gave up when we realized how steep it was. I’m sorry I didn’t read the comments for the advice given here. I’ll have to get back there some day…

    • Anthony says:

      walk straight up the creek…dont go up the hillside…you dont have to. Just have shoes that can get a little wet. Bring a backback…if you hike straight up the creek it will take 4-5 minutes tops. I made it waaaay too hard for myself last time. Walk straight up and youll be there in no time.

  9. Anthony says:

    LOVE this spring…if youre going to boil any of your water for tea, get it from the waterfall…all the other stuff youll have to hike it in.

    We put up a good vid for this one – check it out here –


  10. Spirited Explorer says:

    After an epic bike ride out and back Hwy 33 today (May 19, 2011), we drove up to Mile Marker 22.3 and saw the waterfall from the pullout. The hike to the top of the waterfall was quick, 14 minutes total round trip with around 8 min to fill up. Definitely best to walk up in the creekbed. Careful for the poison oak growing all around. Elevation gain was only 149′. We each carried five 1-gallon containers in backpacks. Best to have hands free for descending safely as there are a couple tricky steep no-traction sections. Otherwise, very nice hike up. I did shriek when I saw a snake bathing in the creek that kindly made his way to land to allow us to pass! Curious that there is a pipe that feeds from the top down to the bottom though we never checked it out as we were up for the adventure! 

  11. Missy says:

    I will coming back from Africa this summer.. I will be raw for almost a year! WOOP WOOP! i am super excited to try this spring out.  It shall be my first!  It seems to be the closest the valley and I do love Simi! <3  I do not have to boil the water right?  Excuse my ignorance friends! 🙂

  12. Stuarthassel says:

    This is to Debbie – 

    I clicked for the movie and you’re right. It’s gone.  So who is Voice Entertainment and what do they want?  Are they selling the video?  Stuart (

  13. Stuarthassel says:

    By the way, there are natural springs in and around Santa Barbara, California

  14. Joe says:

    Hey guys, i went up there a few weeks ago and i’d HIGHLY recommend you wear some pants, sometimes it gets really steep on the downhill escpecially with gallons of water on you and you have to slide down on your butt. Also some shoes, gloves a longsleeve that you dont mind getting dirty because you’re definately going to get your shoes wet.
      Also, i went up there once and couldnt find the location, keep going up highway 33 and you will see a definate Waterfall, on your left side, if you’re headed north, also a place to park in the dirt. This climb is not easy, i underestimated it, good thing i brought some gloves because sometimes you have to grab on things to pull yourself up..  
       So Be careful guys, it takes about 15-20 min to get up there your first time, follow the water, if you’re doing things that you think is impossible, you’re probably headed the wrong way.



  15. Leslie says:

    Liked your vid. I live here in Ojai. First, I’ve checked with two of the local city water providers here and they say they are not adding fluoride to the water, luckily. Second, Reverse Osmosis water you should not be drinking because this ultra “clean” water leaches minerals from your body trying to “fullfill” itself with the minerals stripped from it. Third, though I’m not much of a hiker, over on Rice Road near Lomita, Smitty West at the Euterpe Farms (You’ll see a big old fashioned windmill near the road) offers, right at the roadside, well water at donation 25 cents a gal. He says it’s an isolated aquifer and that it is a test site for Ventura County so they’re periodically running extensive tests on certain site like his and apparently his water is good and safe. Myonly concern about ANY water source nowadays is Fukushima radiation and pesticides getting into it, but what can you do?

  16. Hurstdonut says:

    Ive seen Mr Vitallis take his water and swirl it into a vortex – but I still don’t know why.  The water wizard tells us that water and nature flow in spirals.  How does well water fit into this?  If I get well water should I vortex it? Also, please, if anyone reading this thread lives near Taft Ca, please email me at  Finding people interested water, community, or anything that is not a raised truck or a TapOut hat is hard to come by.  I need people to talk to.

  17. Marc Meisels says:

    I just went!!!! OH MY GOD it’s a f*%king GNARLY climb, short but INTENSE.. I’m a pretty physical guy, and I was exhausted after this. I went ahead and purchased a 6-gallon glass carboy + “carboy hauler” and custom rigged a backpack, but it was still too hard to do it, I almost lost my balance like 9x on the way down….. So, guys, does anyone else want to invest in some type of hosing system so we can temporarily cap it off and get the stream to go all the way to the base of the steep, steep hill so we can fill up easier [and in large volume]???? Let me know…

  18. jenshakti says:

    Gorgeous location, but to hard to access for any more than a couple of gallons. Check out my video for more-

    • jenshakti says:

      Euterpe farms well in Ojai was a better solution for me. Its access is at the side of the road and after being disappointented I couldn’t get my supply at Belly ache springs, at least I didn’t go home empty. Its “country water” not a spring, and there was definately a thin mineral coating on the surface of the water i could see in the pot I use for tea water, and it left calcification rings in my jars. Anyhow check out the video-

  19. Olivia says:

    wow, what a gem. best spring i’ve been to, at least in terms of the scenery and the waterfall. I don’t even want to say too much… i don’t want this place well known! just hike up back and forth alongside the waterfall (we wore vibrams and got them wet yes) and you will find the pipe in a few minutes. you will probably want to carry your water in a backpack because you may need two hands to support yourself on the steep hike going back down, although my boyfriend got down ok with only one hand free, i wouldn’t recommend it… if you are not limber and/or adventurous you may be discouraged by the hike, but i found it wonderful. maneuver around the bees.

  20. Brigitte says:

    Leslie, You crack me up. You say you are worried about “Fukushima radiation and pesticides getting into the water” This water comes from inside the ground so it has less radiation and pesticides in it than you do. You are full of radiation and pesticides because you are walking around in it. You don’t have to put something in your mouth to get this stuff in you. You are getting blasted with it 24/7.
    That aside… I went to this place and it was awesome. I hiked up to the top of the waterfall, but decided not to go any further since I was alone. A sprained ankle in the middle of nowhere would be disasterous. So I filled my bottles at the waterfall. So what do you guys think? The flow-through rate was strong, so one would think the water’s path is constantly washed clean, so how contaminated can it be? Just to be safe, I am using it for tea only. I plan to go back with other people sometime and go to the source. It was so beautiful there. Loved it!

  21. CM says:

    thank you guys for all the info. i just went up there today and did the hike. it was quite short and lovely. about 10 minutes up from the road and you will find the pipe. just follow the flowing stream and it will take you to the pipe to its left. i filled up about 3 gallons of water. it was the first time in my life i have drank pure water from the earth. it was quite life changing and as well as delicious.

  22. Michael McKinnis says:

    Steep but very doable hike up to the Piped spring. Its Delicious. Be careful hiking back down if you bring a bunch of water back with you. It can get slippery. Just a little passed Mile marker 22 off Hwy 33 coming from Ojai. you will see the water flowing down the side of the mountain on your left where there is a place to park your car. follow the water up until you reach the Pipe!! Love it! so much fun.

  23. Pete says:

    I’ve been going there every other weekend for a few years now. It’s very good, safe and runs year round. The soil is loose on the way up and there’s a tree on the first ledge that has exposed roots now. So if you do hike up, please try to not to disturb things too much and be respectful so we can have this for future generations.

    The other comments mention Euterpe Farm as an alternative. There’s no hiking, it’s easy to get to and has really good private well water (less minerally, ‘sweeter’). The owner Scott is really nice to put a fawcett at a pull-off in the road and asks to donate just $.25 per gallon. I’m usually more generous. It’s also tested year-round. Its at 667 Rice road.

  24. Harry says:

    Hi all,

    Been to this spring and was wondering if anyone has tested the water? Any concerns of heavy metals leaching into the water with the pipe being so corroded?

  25. Beardy.Bot says:

    Hey everybody!

    I just took a trip up to the spring last weekend and the normal pipe (10 minutes up the creek) coming from the side of the shale hill was dry. The water was instead flowing out of the skinnier pipe which parallels the trail and the creek. Water was pouring out of the skinny pipe right at about the top of the waterfall and cascading down into a tin bucket held up by ropes. The skinny pipe appeared to be coming from the same spring (right next to the normal pipe). I filled my water from the end of the skinny pipe near the waterfall, but it was quite tricky to do so. I haven’t tasted it yet.

    Does anybody know what’s going on with that? Is it the same spring water, just a different pipe? I tried to look for a switch in attempts to change the course of the water back to the original pipe, but couldn’t find anything.

    Very confused since I’ve been coming up here for years.

  26. Nathan says:

    Would love to visit one day

    • Jeff says:

      Almost missed it because of road construction, but eventually found it. The description on this page is accurate. The water has a slight mineral taste and is cool but not ice cold. The trail was either eroded or overgrown and I couldn’t make it to the falls but I noticed someone piped it all the way down near the road. The bees seemed to like it so I assume it’s safe. Hope you enjoy this water!

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