Schofield Springs

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Schofield Spring is proud to be a provider of high quality 100% natural spring water, direct from a spring  in Willington, CT.

Schofield Spring is located in a valley at 666 River Rd (Route 32) in Willington, CT, where customers can come with their gallon bottles and five-gallon bottles to be filled.  Like purchasing a product from a vending machine, customers simply insert their water container, insert their money, and their containers will be filled with Schofield Spring water.  No bottling needed.  Customers can come as often as they want to, as we are open 24 hours a day.  Once a customer tries Schofield Spring, they’ll never go anywhere else.

Schofield Spring is also a provider of spring water in bulk to tankers through the use of keyhole regulators, which allow the tankers the freedom of coming at their convenience, filling their tanks, and continuing on their way.  Companies purchasing water in bulk are invoiced for their metered usage.  Schofield Spring is proud to be able to share their pure and pleasurable water to others throughout the country through this distribution network.


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