Cuney-Frankston Spring, Frankston, Texas


Posted: October 9, 2009

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Frankston, TX 75763
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Gentle flowing spring, soft water, very hydrating.

Nearest Address

US-175 Frankston, TX 75763

Directions from Nearest Address

Take US-175 South towards Cuney from Frankston. The spring is on the right hand side before the bridge.

Vital Information

  • Fee: None
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: 33
  • Temp: N/A
  • pH: N/A

Hours Spring is Open:




Map Link: Cuney-Frankston Spring Map

Submitted by: Rami Barsoum

  1. l'amor says:

    good quality spring water for texas with low tds in the low twenties

  2. avocadess says:

    Recently got the TDS count of the water here: 33. Woo-woo! Be careful. The ormus might break a water jug as well. The water, as good as it is, surprisingly is NOT very cold. But it is excellent water!! I like to gather the water in plastic. You can always transfer to glass when you get home — and maybe put a cloth and rubber band over the top so the water can breathe. (It is my theory that this may dissuade glass breakage from high-ormus water!!)

  3. Virginia says:

    Nicely made stone area, easy to find right off the road. Good water! Can someone maybe expound a bit more about the ph of water? This one is in the low 5's, which I think would hydrate us more since it's not loaded with minerals and the higher Ph………BUT would this water be considered “acidic” drinking water? Is it corrosive to our bodies? What should look for in regards to Ph,TDS,etc… to make sure we are drinking a good spring water? This topic is quite confusing I believe to many of us,so hopefully someone can give us a little more information on this subject.

  4. Benjamin says:

    Great water here, its 100 miles from dallas we go there every 4-6 weeks to fill up our water bottles

  5. Ramiel says:

    I have personally found this spring to be more hydrating than the Canton one. Low PH i believe (and there is much more research by others) tends to be more hydrating (example is why lemon juice make water more hydrating when added). As for how long this can be done, I suggest listening to your body, you will know when its time to shift to another spring when this one seems less appealing to you. If only this spring was closer to me! enjoy.

  6. Christopher says:

    Just visited this spring recently and had a wonderful experience. Love the water and the local spirit of this place. Thanks for sharing the info regarding ph and tds. Who has a favorite spring in Texas?

  7. Jack says:

    We live in Berryville and we had the water tested …. Nothing special almost exactly like
    city water.
    PH 7.5

  8. Avocadess says:

    NOT almost exactly like tap water, which has, among other things, chlorine or chloramide, fluoride (if you live in a town that adds that), radiation (from the pee of people in the area that have had chemotherapy in the past 3 weeks), sediment of toilet paper. Also, we do not have a way to measure Ormus at this time but from drinking this water I feel certain it has a high Ormus content. pH is NOT a problem. Some people think water should be alkaline to be good — not true! Hope that helps!

    • Ron says:

      Thank you for posting. I’m new to Texas. I really want to find a source of good, drinking water. I’ve been spoiled with Manitou Springs in Colorado for a long time. I’m anticipating withdrawal when I run out of my Manitou water! Help!

  9. It was yuuuuuuuuuumy!! SERIOUSLY.

    • Donna Armstrong says:

      The guy who tested did so a year ago – Many ground water problems are very recent. I do not see any tests for volatile gases or solvents in the tests performed. It might just be a sulfur problem. but I would spend quite a bit on lab tests before I would drink any water from that area – Perhaps being overly cautious but that is just the way I am in something like this.

  10. Dkieu says:

    This water is no longer as good as the comments indicate. I went there a few months ago on the advice of these comments and gathered 30 gallons of the stuff.

    It took a while to gather since due to the drought the outflow had been reduced to a trickle. The main issue, however, is that the water smells strongly of sulfur and drinking it produces the symptoms of low-level hydrogen sulfide toxicity. It also becomes cloudy if left for a long time, which is indicative of high sulfur levels.

    I really wanted to like this water, but I (and others) experience a nauseous, fatigued feeling after drinking the water. It feels like it just sits in your stomach. It also gives you gas. These are all the signs of there being too much sulfur in the water. Sulfur is toxic and can cause severe damage in higher amounts.

    This would probably be great water without the sulfur. I do not recommend this water. There seem to be few true springs in Texas, (I find this hard to believe… I think the case is that the springs exist, but they are already owned and not public) but even an artesian well is better than this water.

  11. Awakedreamer2004 says:

    I notice that there are some oil/gas wells in the area that are known to inject some nasty chemicals (solvents, dispersants, detergents etc) some of which are carcinogenic. Most likely this well is fine but the fact that it now tastes bad and the fact that no one on this blog has had it tested for volatiles does not sit too well with me (no pun intended). The fact that it is running dry also may be because of oil/gas well use in fracking nearby. The counties directly East of Dallas County have the highest number of oil/gas wells and also the highest rate of breast cancer in the state. Perhaps in the past this spring was pure but TEST IT THOROUGHLY before drinking for the chemicals used in fracking.

  12. Chgrnet says:

    We heard from the locals that this spring gets low to no flow in the late summer/early fall, particularly if there has been no rain, but will come back when there is rain. Myself and a group of my friends have been going since early spring 2011 and getting water, which is the best I have ever had. We went again in August 2011 and it was running at about 20 minutes for 5 gallons, which is the slowest we had seen it (typically about 5-10 minutes for 5 gallons), and very stinky (sulfur smell). We dumped it out at that time because we knew we would not be able to drink it – the water we had been getting before this point was nothing like this and we have been drinking it almost exclusively with no adverse health issues. Not being any sort of expert on water, we guessed that the concentrates were too high due to low water tables and it would not be a good idea to drink it at this point.

    It has rained a bit in Texas over the past 6-8 weeks (Oct. 23, 2011 posting), so it is possible that the flow is better now, but since it is a 2 hour drive, we were wondering if anyone who lives closer could give a report on the flow and taste.

    I miss this water and will be going myself when I feel it has rained enough, or we get positive reports from anyone else going. Thanks.

  13. John Quile says:

    I can’t tell when the last comment was.

    Anyone been here recently? Is it the water any good? Can you fill up here or is it blocked or guarded?
    Can I camp nearby somewhere? 

    I’m writing this as of 3/26/2012.

  14. Kevin Naylor says:

    Was there April end of month, very slow flow strong smell like sulfur was a disappoointed.Our Beta fish enjoyed the water and lived.

  15. JPJameson says:

    has anyone been here recently? 6-24-12?

  16. Tricia moore says:

    Find you a spring nearby.

  17. Tony1001 says:

    Went there today was a bust. No more than a trickle running and moss growing all around. Did not even want to stick my jug down there to see if it was any good.

  18. Disappointed says:

    Drove from Tyler to get a fresh jug of water, and had a hell of a time finding it. When I finally did, it looked nasty, and even if I had wanted a drink, it was welded shut! A guy eating McDonalds nearby informed me that it had been shut for more than a year, dont waste your time, go to Canton

  19. Miguel Prats says:

    Stopped here yesterday, 3/28/15, tasted fine as always to me. I admit I haven’t drank it in 4/5 years though. Use to live in Athens in the late eighties and I never tasted sulfur. That must have had something to do w/the drought.

  20. Vera says:

    WOW I finally found this place I’ve been looking for it since forever. Brings tears in my eyes just remembering when my Daddy used to bring me here when we would head out to our ranch in East Texas. This water was so good Daddy used to take jugs and fill them up we would take pictures. Im soo taking my children here.

  21. Annie Lin says:

    Made it out there 1/9/16 for the first time. The water has a gentle flow and wasn’t very cold. It tastes great! The pipe is pretty low in the ground and there wasn’t much space so we had to hold our 5 gallon containers sideways to fill them up 3/4, then used a 1 gallon container standing upright to fill the rest We came home with several 5 gallon containers and everyone is happy with the taste. TDS was 40. I plan on getting a sample analyzed by the city and will post the results.

  22. Mazzy Mackarelle says:

    Not a spring water expert by any means, but I had the luxury of living on a spring in California for a few months… this water had the same lovely taste and mouth feel to me, so I was beyond pleased! It was cool, clear, and delicious. Didn’t experience any of the unpleasantries listed above.

  23. JG says:

    I’m here on 8/26/16. There’s a pulloff on the downhill highway on the right before the bridge. There are no markers. Lovely man made stone stepped embankment shields the roadside spout. An old rusty pipe is sticking out for channeling the water. You can see it seeping through the wall. The pipe is short and will come right out if you wish to use something of your own. The water is cool and clear and tastes good. Flowing about 1/2 g. per minute i would say. Not super strong but steady. Aside from the mad traffic (everywhere in Tx for that matter) a very pleasant roadside stop. Recommend!

  24. DKWHITE says:

    Stopped yesterday to show one of our kids friend, the natural spring Glad I had a cup we all got a nice drink of real spring water. It also had a nice flow this day would have loved to have a couple of jugs with me.

    • Bella says:

      Hello DKW- is there the ability to fill a 5gallon container, 3 or 1 gallow (getting under the flow)? I am moving back home to Tx and leaving the most amazing spring water (Eldorado Springs) here in CO. :((((( Moving to Tyler, so I hope this will b a great source. Thank you kindly~ Bella

  25. Ron says:

    Thank you for posting. I’m new to Texas. I really want to find a source of good, drinking water. I’ve been spoiled with Manitou Springs in Colorado for a long time. I’m anticipating withdrawal when I run out of my Manitou water! Help!

  26. Carlos says:

    Does anyone know if this spring is still good and operating?

  27. scrounge says:

    When I stopped there on Sunday, the PVC had been cut, and there’s no way to fill a jug.

  28. Donn says:

    Wanna kno is this Spring still up n running !

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