Hapgood Spring, Athol, MA


Posted: November 21, 2010

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624 Hapgood Street
Athol, MA 01331
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On the side of the road, at the bottom of a concrete headwall. Limited parking, and be aware of traffic coming downhill. The spring has been in place for over a hundred years. The water is ice cold most of the year, and is enjoyed by many locals! Flows are consistent.

Nearest Address

624 Hapgood Street

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Vital Information

  • Fee: None
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: N/A
  • Temp: N/A
  • pH: N/A

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Map Link: Hapgood Spring Map

Submitted by: Michael Butler

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  1. Maria says:

    I went to this spring 2 weeks ago; if I hadn’t knocked on someone’s door, I wouldn’t have been able to find the spring (I traveled a little over 2 hours to this spring to collect drinking water). Here is how you find this wonderful little spring. Off of Hapgood Street, pull onto Fletcher Street and park at the Top Dead Center Cycle. Next to the center you will see and hear a running brook (this is the water source). You will see two small stone walls on the side of the road, the spring is located behind the RIGHT stone wall. The flow was strong, cold and I had a beautiful experience there. A butterfly greeted me at my car, and followed me back and forth to my car as I filled up my containers and packed them into my car. Many butterflies came to land on me and my containers. When I offered my prayers of thanks and love before I left, the butterfly that greeted me landed on my hands. A very sweet experience. The water is amazing, and it’s worth the trip for me to return to continue to collect this powerful source of medicine.

  2. Jbird says:

    I visited this spring this weekend 11/25/11, I will say the water bothered my stomach a bit ( I do have some stomach issues).  Today I decided to test the water and found the pH to be very low at 5 (which indicates “caution”.  The Alkalinity is ideal, no chlorine, and very soft in regards to hardness (these were all the fields on the testing strip, not sure.  Unfortunately I will avoid this spring as I am not someone who can handle high acid water, but I will get some more pH strips and test again, and I hope someone else can test at a later date, I’d love to here, this is the closest spring to me.   

  3. DonnyT says:

    This is a fantastic site and resource. I just went to this spring following Maria’s instructions. There’s actually a small parking area for this on Hapgood Street just a few feet before the Fletcher intersection. The parking area is a paved driveway hill on either side of which are two concrete walls that descend into the ground. The one with the spring is on the left. The water is clear and cold; no plastic or faucet taste .. the way water is meant to be! I am bringing bigger containers next time lol

  4. Tdouglasdoyle says:

    Behind a motorcycle repair shop (with an unfreindly owner), under a road, piped in from a dodgy-looking manhole to a graffiti-strewn wall, and flowing into a mosquito-infested puddle littered with trash.  THIS is the elixir of life?? Pardon my skepticism.  Anyway, here are a couple of photos — part of SPRINGQUEST 2012

  5. MamaC says:

    Just adventured to this spring today, and was happy to have made the journey.  While the under the road location makes for a kinda sketchy area around the water, the ice cold flow was sweet and refreshing and we loaded up with water for 3 families.  My kids thought it was amazing that clean water was there for the taking and would have spent all day filling up there.  May go back, but probably will get water from a friend’s farm spring to avoid extra trips.  Very very happy to have made the journey and to come home with a delicious treat.

  6. Andrew says:

    Here are some notes from a local: I particularly enjoy this spring because of its natural acidity from the granite bedrock. Acidity is where the “refreshing” taste comes from. Do not let the location scare you or turn you away, I have been drinking this water for a while and it is simply delicious.

    Again, as you have already probably read is right near Fletcher and Hapgood streets, and it is a little pipe behind a large concrete barrier (the one on the uphill side). If you are turning around to park or parking, be very careful because some folks come down that hill at pretty alarming speeds and Hapgood is well-traveled.

  7. We have been getting our spring water here for 7 years, the ph measured 7.5 on our meter (not a test strip) on several occasions – we even re-tested today to be sure. Have no idea what JBIRD (commenter above) was testing or what he was testing with but he is wrong about the ph of this spring water. Right up the street from this spring was where people went in the 1800’s for the “Athol Water Cure” (true history).

  8. Kara Daly says:

    We went here today for the first time. We had no trouble finding it using Maria’s directions (thank you!). We usually go to Crystal Springs in Barnstable which is a beautiful location so I was really disappointed to find how disgusting this site was. There was trash everywhere. Not appealing at all. However, we measured the TDS to be 84 so the water is pretty excellent. We haven’t measured the pH yet. Next time I’m bringing a trashbag and some gloves and I encourage others who find the process of harvesting water to be a sacred one to do the same!

  9. Jason says:

    I Was told of this place a few years ago an I went and got a a few gallons but I was skeptical so I went and bought a test kit and it turned out that the water had bacteria growing in it. I would not drink from this site

  10. Hillshaman says:

    As stated by others, the location is a bit obscure, but we found e water here to be both quenching and visited by many locals. I had a brief conversation with a man who lived near hapgood street as a child and drank the water his entire life. He seemed in good health, filling nearly fifty or so 1 gallon bottles before departing. Will be returning in the future. Be well friends

  11. Don Bullard says:

    Any recent updates on quality of this water for drinking,Thanx.

  12. Wendy says:

    I got water today. PH 8, TDS 58 to 110, because the water was running, so the number changed.
    last year before the snow TDS 12 and PH 6.8
    located is 606-632 Hapgood St, Athol.
    The water is good because the street name is great Happy + Good

  13. Rob says:

    Just went there this morning tested at 65 ppm. I am going to get a p.h. kit tomorrow mine was really old.

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