Mastadon State Park, Imperial, MO, 63052


Searching for a spring in the St. Louis area?  Mastodon State Park is your spot!

Getting to know this spring has been a great joy. Elegantly located along Spring Branch Trail within Mastodon State Park, this water is delicious, ever-flowing, and very easy to access.

Mastadon State Park is a straight shot from St. Louis via Highway 55, no further then a 45 minute drive for most. And once you’re inside the park, the spring itself is just a short walk from the parking area.

This spot perfectly balances beauty and convenience, come see for yourself….and keep ReWilding! 🙂


  1. Went and collect water from this spring. It’s very clean and cold. Does anyone know the best way to test it before drinking? I don’t want to end up with parasites or something worse. The directions above are spot on!

  2. I visited this spring for the first time today. It took me a little while to find the source, as I hiked the wrong way (clockwise) around the trail. If you start from the Spring Branch Trailhead, take the loop counter clockwise. You’ll pass an old stone spring house, then come to a wooden bridge. I wouldn’t fill up around there without filtering becasue this is a trail where Missouri’s finest come to walk their dogs and children… I was expecting to see the spring just off the trail, but luckily I had my river shoes so I just followed the water upstream. The stream led back to the road just past the picnic area entrance. I crossed and the spring source was maybe 20 feet on the other side of the road. It’s closer to the historic site’s special use area turn off, so I hiked back to my car and drove a short way down to the entrance to the special use area. I’d recommend parking in the turn off area, and from there it’s an easy hop across the road, then down to the black and yellow striped caution sign. The water is coming out of a little bluff at the bottom of the hillside – cold, beautiful, convenient, and tasty!

    1. Be careful parking in that turnaround, it is maintenance access for an area of the park, the Rangers will write you a ticket!

    2. Hello! I am in the St Louis area for work, and was able to take a day to go find this spring. I thought the water tasted refreshing, and clean. I filled up 5 gallons, but was curious if anyone, or yourself has tested this water.

      Thank you!

  3. We found this spring! Our first spring using this website. We followed directions to the coordinates and ended up at the other side of the park. Instead of turning right on Charles J Becker RD you keep going and turn right onto Seckman Rd instead. This road will lead you to the park but stay on Seckman and pass the park on the left and maybe 100 ft or so after the park you will see the spring on the right. Pull over by the gate (just don’t block it) and walk over to the rocks and fill up! I would not recommend filling up out of the concrete tube that goes under the road. Instead fill up directly from the rocks where the water is coming out.

    The water was not super raging when we filled up but still managed to fill up (4) 6 gallon jugs worth using our stainless steel growler.

    Water is clean crisp and delicious! 🤠

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  • water-results by Katrina Profile Photo Katrina on May 30th, 2021
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