Orange Turnpike Spring, Tuxedo, NY  5/5 (1)



Water piped to road parking.

Nearest Address

Rt. 17 north/Orange Turnpike

Directions from Nearest Address

Take first left onto Orange Turnpike after passing Red Apple Rest on Rt. 17 north, bear right at fork. Go 3/4 mile on Orange turnpike, spring on right (no signs available). Parking on shoulder.

Vital Information

  • Fee: None
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: 35
  • Temp: N/A
  • pH: 5

Hours Spring is Open:



Map Link: Orange Turnpike Spring Map

Submitted by: menendian


  1. There is a new sign again saying from the NY Commissioner Of Health claiming the water is not drinkable.  Either this is the same water people have been drinking for years and is ok or something has since been detected in the water.  It ould be nice to know if this is someone just covering themselves or if the water is all of a sudden undrinkable after all these years.  I have no idea.  It tastes the same although I am cautious and want to find out.

  2. my wife just filled up and took a picture of the sign…i am calling dept of health tomorrow to try and get water report

    1. Thanks we saw the sign there too today.. I was going to call tomorrow and will post anything I find out.

    2. Thank you Ek.  Please come back and post what you find out.  I tried calling the DOH from work today and stayed on hold and could not continue waiting.  I will post anything I find out too.  That spring is too convenient for me as it is on my way to work and would like to know the status.

  3. Was there yesterday 5-19-12 sign is there got water anyway. tested at home tds 28 ph around 5 . Gotta be better than the tap. Im drinking it……

    1. All us spring water drinkers have elevated you to hero status ek.  Good work and thanks for the video.  If the water is clean then Dr Jean Hudson,that stated the water was tested and has bacteria as well as saying later in the news article that “The springs are not testable because it depends on the weather”, will have to contend with your findings.  Such a mish mash of confusing info in that article is suspect. What does that even mean?  Either it was tested or not.  I do not trust the DOH or any journalism.  But we will see soon enough. 

  4. update 6-5-2012 3:45pm

    lab just called, the spring tests positive for total coliform(as i expected)and negative for e. coli(which i was hoping)! the girl sounded as if she was reading off of a standard response card. thats all the info she would give me by phone..,so we’ll have to wait till i get the report by mail probably in a couple of days. i will put it up at the spring when i fill up next.

    this is the same water we’ve drinking all along

  5. The sign that stated “water is not potable” was only up for a few days. Then it was taken down and people are filling up again.  No one seems to know who posted the sign since it is a NY State Park the spring is in.  I am now filling up again as it seems fine but it would be nice to know why a sign was put up.  Someone I know remembers a sign a few years ago too but it was temporary.  I do remember however after Hurricane Irene last year the water was not drinkable for about a week.  Wood chunks were coming out of the pipe in the water. 

  6. This spring has been there since I was kid which was 40 years ago.  I always wondered who owned the land behind it.  There was an old dirt road but I think its overgrown now.

  7. Just visited the place/strong water flow/it is real winner of a water spring/ but if traveling at night/have a flashlight. Thank you/

  8. went there and there is a sign saying “Water is not potable. Do not drink”. Anyone see that and still drank from it??

    1.  Yes, I drank from it. I tested it with my well water test kit and it is pristine. Delicious. I feel great!

    2. We were there today and filled our bottles thinking that dept of Parks wants protection in case of a lawsuit. but Im still hesitant about actually drinking the water…

      1. Is there any update to the water testing of this spring? It is so convenient and I would love to use the water but afraid of coliform if the sign is still there.

  9. right, we are also drinking it. I called Dep of Health -they didn’t put up this sign either, most probably it was by land owners for insurance purposes.

      1. We just came from there as well. It’s not a sign from the dep but rather a sign from parks commission.

  10. The given directions are correct except for the milage from the turnoff onto Orange turnpike. We clocked it and it was 1.5 miles NOT 3/4 of a mile. The spring will be on the right side of the road.

    1. Saw people still filling water as of this past sunday…Having the same question ? and wonder if anyone can shed light…

  11. I think there is a problem in the area. I have a well that is testing very high for coliform lately. I would not drink the water and we have to put a UV light on our well. It has been going on for months now. I was going to come get water in Tuxedo but have heard several springs in the area are contaminated. 

    1. i have always had coliform in my well regardless of how much bleach i dumped down it. we too put a uv system in and we dont even have it plugged in anymore! all it does is suck up electric and they recommend changing the bulbs every year $$$$$.  bottom line we’re not sick or dead!  wet spring= higher coliform. i my opinion city(tap)water has more stuff that can kill you than the spring…chlorine,flouride,all the drugs and chemicals people dump down the toilet.

      1. Thanks for the info. What do you mean by wet spring = higher coliform? I drank well water my entire life and we never had it tested to my knowledge, but I am concerned about the health issues surrounding coliform in the water. My 8 year old had gastric issues from drinking it but it did not bother me. I really just want to make sure the spring is safe to drink.

  12. Does this spring still exist? Tried looking for it for 2 hours. Surprised no one named not one landmark. Is it near the Tuxedo train station? Before or after the light? Can anyone clear things up. This is the closest one to me and would love to take advantage of the fact.

  13. I went to this spring for the first time today and it was dry…no water running. I am wondering (hoping) if this is due to the dry summer we had. I have been the Blooming Grove spring which is very close to where I live for the past 5 years. In all that time it never once was dry. Last week it was running much slower than usual and this week -no water! I was afraid that the town had maybe diverted it because of an accident or something…Its kind of dangerous there crossing the road and often people will pull up right next to the pipe where there is no space to park on that busy road!!! But when I saw the Tuxedo spring dry also I am thinking it is the drought???? Any one know? I really depend on a reliable source of water. Any replies to this post are greatly appreciated!

  14. We just moved to Brooklyn from Canada and are planning on making the trek out to this spring, but I’m concerned that no recent posts indicate it’s still there. Anyone been lately? Thanks

  15. The spring is there but no water is flowing. This happened last year too but it did start flowing again at some point. Right now I would not make any special trips to it. If I see it flowing again I will post as I pass it a few times a week.

  16. Directions:

    Get off 87 to 17 North continue pass the Tuxedo Station Pass the Apple Rest place and there is a road on the left Orange County RT 19, take that left and continue on RT 19 for about a mile or two it is on the right past a dirt road.

  17. As of 12/15/2014 this spring is flowing again pretty nicely. We’ve had a lot of rain and snow. But if someone were to make a long trip to this spring I highly recommend researching the Blooming Grove spring a few miles away and use that one.

      1. hi,

        I’m going there next tuesday i will let you know. is it hard to find, i will be running a full test on the water to check for primarily bacteria and ph(over $200)

  18. Is anyone still drinking from this spring? Is the water good? Anyone gotten sick? Is it trust worthy? Do you boil the water or drink it straight? (I’m new to this idea of spring water, not feeling too safe about it).

  19. You know you can filter the spring water since it tested for coliform. Sign up at my site if you want to know which filter I recommend. And thank you for your research EK. Many blessings. 🙂

    1. I am going to help all of you out 🙂 I live right next to the spring. You can text me and I will let you know if it is flowing or not 845-671-0341

  20. I am in Brooklyn also, love the idea of sharing water duties – any suggestions how to organize? my email can be found on the about page of my web site which is colleenmoritz then just with the www and the dot com. thanks, colleen

  21. The highway workers that are paving to roads by the spring have ripped down any notes stuck to the “Do Not Drink” sign very quickly.  So anything posted stated the water is ok will not last long.  But as long as ek and other people are filling up I guess it’s safe.  I saw some of those highway workers, and now I am guessing they just don’t wnat to take care of the road by the spring so the whole story that the well is contaminated could be bunk.  If anyone knows differently then let us know.  I think the whole thing with the sign is a sham. I am sticking to that until some proof is shown that the water is undrinkable

  22. I live in Brooklyn, if this water is legit, maybe we can form our own “coop” and alternate who drives up there to get the water so we don’t have to go up every week. And, also I am wondering if the water is still drinkable. Thanks!

  23. i’ve been away for a while and am curious as to the status of the tuxedo/monroe spring – safe to drink? seems like conversation drops off at 7/8 months ago
    writing this on 1/16/13

    1. I know its only been about a month since this last comment was uploaded but does anyone know if the sign saying the water isn’t drinkable is still up and if people are still drinking the water? I want to make sure its still okay for me to drink. Thanks!

  24. Just went to this spring… the flow was pretty weak. I was told sometimes its better, sometimes its not flowing at all. TDS – 35. pH- about 5

  25. Was there yesterday 3/2/14 – water flowing and tastes great! Have been going here for over 20 years and love it! (Actually drive up from NYC for it!) Lets keep the area clean please.

    1. Terry:
      I live in Queens NY, Do you have exact directions on how to get to the spring. I went out there last week (Without a GPS smh) and i got lost. 3 hours of my day went to waste. So if you have good detailed directions from Manhattan or from Queens i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

  26. i just got off the phone with a gentleman from orange county dept. of health and heres the deal with the sign.
    It’s all to cover the state/ county’s butt!  the spring has never been tested and it is drink at your own risk just as it has been forever.  he also told me they are posting signs at other spring locations as well for the same reason.  when i get a chance i will take a sample to the lab in bloomingburg and have it tested…it’s only $25 and i’ve always wanted to do it anyway.  i will post the report at the spring when i do. if you have questions call orange county health dept.

    1. The guy from the Orange County of Health told me the same thing, the water is not protected and not tested so they deem it “unsafe.” Like you said I think its just a way to cover the county’s butt.

      1. Thanks Adam, and now the town paper has a really vague article on how the water has bacteria in it.  So we hear that it was tested, yet phone calls to the DOH say it was untested.  Here is the article. I’m sensing something is not right with the info.  But if anyone sends out the water for testing let us know the results.  Or if anyone knows where to get it tested so we can put this to bed.

        1. i don’t believe a word strauss news or the government tells us! i am going to the spring in a few minutes to take a sample and bring it up to bloomingburg myself. i will post the report at the spring and on this site. if the sample comes back clean someones gonna get in trouble!:(

          1. Please let us know…Was there yesterday and sign was there along with a written note that someone will have the water tested…Thank you so much for doing this…

    2. Well thanks ek.  I kind of figured that was the deal.  I have never had the water tested.  Although about 6 months ago met a person who sent it out for testing and it came back very clean, cleaner than tap water.  I may also get it tested.  I am glad I didn’t go to the Blooming Grove spring thinking it was a different story.  So now I will expect to see signs at all the springs.  It’s a nice way to scare people into buying bottled water.  Makes you wonder what is behind this.

      1. i know whos behind….
        its just a matter of time till we have to jump the fence…land of the free you know!

        1. xactly ek!  We’ll stay a few steps ahead of the people that want to control though.  I have been drinking this nice water again.  Tastes fine.  Better than the terrible tap water that leaves a bad taste.

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