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952 N Main St
Milford, MI 48380
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This spring was here when I was younger, but I am not sure if it still remains.  It is a pipe coming out of the hill that continuously flowed.

There is a path that
comes off of the ravine and it is on that path between the ravine and the southeast corner of the lake.

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If anyone verifies this spring please make a comment for the rest of the community 🙂  Thank you!

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  1. Daniel Brett says:

    Apparently, this spring does not, or no longer, exists! Two of us scoured the area today (11-25-13), and spoke with two “locals” — nothing.

  2. John Brown says:

    Pay attention to the map location. Do not go to 952 Hillside Dr., which is on the West shore of the lake.

    • Lori E. says:

      I live in Milford and searched here a few months ago when the weather was still warm. We did search according to the map, not the address, but we did not find a spring or a pipe.

      There is still a ravine that looks like it takes the snow and rain runoff from the top of the hill. There are some pieces of concrete and some tree branches you can walk up like steps. The top of the hill is someone’s back yard, so I didn’t go all of the way up. I assumed the spring/pipe used to be in the ravine path and not up in the backyard?

  3. Aaron M says:

    You went to the exact point on the map? what you do is park at the apartment complex, and then walk to the south of the lake. Looking east you will see a ravine heading east. When you are at the bottom of the ravine, there is a path that shoots north. Maybe… 25ft from that point is the hill on your east side, and the pipe was sticking out of there.

    Is this little path still there but with no spring? Is there no path now due to them putting something else there?

  4. Kathy says:

    What is the name of the lake?

  5. Aaron M says:

    WOO IT IS THERE!!! The problem is that there was landscaping done and a new home build, and the path destroyed. If you go to where I was talking about you can hear it, but you cannot see it!

    I need to work with the people who live there now. I WILL GIVE AN UPDATE at a later time after I speak with them.

  6. Aaron M says:

    So I went there a few weeks ago and found the spring. The pipe is still there but the water is trickling out. It would take you 45min or more to fill a 5gal. Looking inside the pipe I found that it looks to be plugged by cement or something about 4ft inside. Not sure if this is the reason it is trickling or if the landscaping is the cause. Would have to drill or break that up to see if the water flowed after that.

    I took about 2 gallons with me and it tasted good, but I cannot confirm if anything is present. I took my aquarium test kit and have a few stats. I will post them as a picture. I’m going to abandon this for now, maybe revisiting in the spring when I can possibly talk to the folks who live there and then maybe drill out the blockage in the pipe.

    • Diana S says:

      Any updates since your last post? Particularly on the test results. I know there is another spring in Mayville, but I am heading to Milford Saturday and was very curious.

    • Jabs says:

      If u were able to find pipe, please label, mark or mark trees on trail or location. Perhaps someone (azzhole) cemented the pipe/ spring during construction in area. Maybe bring something to brake up concrete or obstruction and let the magical water flow! Question tho… who and how was this pipe installed? Perhaps it is only a perk pipe, much like a straw in a drink, and another larger pipe can be installed. Or maybe I’ll buy the land with the spring, drill in a well, put up large fence, bottle it with a name like “naive like evian” and sell it at a large profit with some bs story attached of Natives American speritual dr. drinking it or fairies living in the well and sell it at a rediculous profit, eventually being bought out by DuPont who will poison the spring and kill all the fairies! Hmmm Profit, wealth, power or civil, moral, humanitarian…. what would trump do???? Well, I happened to looked up the property and its listed for sale…. fuck you faries, 1% here I come!!!

  7. Liz says:

    Thanks Aaron. Will be checking back in the spring and will probably head out and look for it then as thus is the only one close to me and It’s still an hour away.

  8. JD says:

    I live near here. The spring is but a trickle. It is easier to get to if you park in the apartments below the spring to the south west of the lake and then walk north to the lake and then eastward. The spring is up a small hill/over grown path that connects to Liddell Drive. The lake is called Moores Lake.

  9. CJ says:

    This is crazy. I’ve been looking for a nearby spring for a while since a health practitioner recommended spring water to me. My family owns an apartment in this very same complex so I am definitely going to check for this spring the next time I am there. Thanks Aaron hopefully you unblocked the pipe.

  10. Jim says:

    I went there, but couldn’t find anything. I parked at the apartment complex, walked north to the lake, then headed east up the hill.

    I saw a trickle of water flowing down the pathway and followed it up the hill. The flow eventually went off to the right side of the path. I found the spot where it appeared to be seeping from the ground, but there was no pipe there, and believe me I looked. I even went to the top of the hill where the pavement was, but found nothing.

    If anyone has further ideas of where to look, please post them.

  11. Jim says:

    I checked again today. Still nothing. There is a fence which runs along the right side of the path which goes up the hill. I tried walking next to it at its starting point and seeing where it went. Nothing.

    There is still the same place where water seems to be seeping from the ground, but no pipe to be found.

    It looks like this spot can be crossed off the list.

    • Michigan Guy says:

      Hi Jim,
      I verified this a couple years ago. It’s there but a little tricky to find. You have to leave the path and look amongst the trees and brush towards the lake. I’d say it is about 20 feet from the path. I placed red bricks in an arrow fashion pointing towards it so people can find it in the future. I took pictures of the pipe and inside the pipe there is a concretion someone jammed in there and I got exact GPS coordinates on my gps I can post later. Bring a long crowbar to clean it out as it only trickles at this point. Perhaps the reckless construction of the storm wash (that you walk up to find it) from the house above destroyed it but perhaps it can be unblocked.

      • Aaron M says:

        Awesome. I figured I would check on this and I see people have at least tried to go. Yes my hope as well is that the concrete in the pipe can be broken and the pipe will flow once more, but the entire hill has been pushed by the demolition and rebuilding of the house on top of the hill. By the way the lake is spring fed so there could be more springs around it somewhere that are above water. None that I can report in the bottom/right corner of that lake but maybe elsewhere.

      • Deaette says:

        Could you send me the directions and pictures please. I have been wanting to find this.

      • Shui says:

        Pls provide the correct GPS coordinates.

  12. Doug says:

    We went there 3days ago and found the wet path but no pipe. Parked at the end of Liddell Rd & walked down the path. Asked the chamber of Commerce and locals about it to no avail. I enjoyed trying to find the location but other than the nature walk it was a waste of time. I’m crossing this location off my list of useable springs.

  13. Michigan Guy says:

    Exact GPS Coordinates are
    42.59841, -83.59957

    • LeighLon says:

      The coordinates for this spring have been updated! Thank you.

    • Danielle says:

      Is it flowing again?

    • Jim says:

      I went to the coordinates listed today and still nothing. I can see water seeping from the ground but still no pipe. I spent about 10 to 15 minutes looking.

      Even if the pipe can be found, it doesn’t seem like there would be enough flow to be worth bothering.

      • Michigan Guy says:

        Are you using a real GPS or a phone? I obtained these coordinates with a Garmin, should be accurate down to the meter. I have pictures of the pipe and also the line of red bricks I planted in the drain channel pointing towards the spot. The pipe juts out from the embankment amongst the trees. It is between the channel and the lake. I’m guessing about 5 meters north. Bring some kind of long auger to clear it out. I have a picture of the inside of the pipe too. It’s only dripping. Something tells me the people who built the drain channel irresponsibly wrecked it but because water can still be heard trickling perhaps it can be restored.

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