Proctor Springs, Waco, TX


Posted: April 18, 2010

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Cameron Park
Waco, Texas 76708
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Springs come out the side of the cliffs.

Nearest Address

Cameron Park Waco, Texas 76708

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Vital Information

  • Fee: No Fee
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: N/A
  • Temp: N/A
  • pH: N/A

Hours Spring is Open:



Map Link: Proctor Springs Map

Submitted by: Johnny Staton

  1. L'amor says:

    is there easy access for filling up 5 gallon bottles?

    • TexasBoy says:

      No. The water seeps, as stated earlier. There isn’t good access and it would be contaminated, dirty and most likely high in lime. The water comes out of the base of the limestone cliffs. There are lots of seeps like this along the rivers. (We have 2 rivers meeting in Waco–the Brazos and the Bosque.)

  2. scherryhodges says:

    Can it be bottled easily?

  3. marybethwilson says:

    I just spoke with the Waco Tourist folks and was told that the whole area around Proctor Springs is “under construction” and therefore not accessible. She also informs me that there is no spring in the area, though there are a few feeding the Brazos, that is available for public “collection”. Apparently the springs are just “dripping” with little or no flow to capture. 5/6/10

  4. L'amor says:

    thank you for the valuable info

  5. Kette Master says:

    Does anyone have info on this spring?  Is the water potable?  Has there been a water test done?

      • Channon Quillen says:

        Nothing… I can tell you how to find the spring though by GPS coordinates
        31.573741, -97.148844


        I tested the water with an at home test kit, and from what I could tell is that it is not safe to drink water directly from the spring. I put the water through my travel Berkey water filter and I’m pretty sure it’s safe now. If I were you, especially if you’re drinking from any outside water sources, i’d invest in one of these filters especially if you live in Waco, where the tap water and bottled water are left mineraless, so a nearby spring or well water are your best bet. Get a berkey filter; the black berkey water filters filter up to 6,000 gallons before needing to be replaced, and they don’t filter out the minerals.

    • Berlynn says:

      If you have a Berkey water filtration system it is easy to collect that water or even non-potable water and filter it through to get clean drinking water. I would love to know if the spring is potable straight from the spring itself.

  6. Lifesentence1996 says:

    proctor springs is running and well, ice cold water, still pouring out of the cliff, the wading pool however was not dammed where it could backfill to form a swimming pool, all u need is a bottle to poor over your head and you will get your breathe takin away 8-15-11 water also tasted very delicious!

  7. Teresa Colunga says:

    Just went to Proctor Springs.  I used to go there as a child and was very disappointed in it until this year.  Every time I went back and visited it was trashy and there was barely any water.  However, this year, it was running and there was enough water for my grandson to jump off the side into the small pool.  It was very clear and cold.  There was still graffitti that needed to be cleaned up, but I was glad to see it was there for this generation to enjoy.

  8. Chunga says:

    It’s easy to find by the disc golf course and even marked with a black “historical landmark” sign. And there’s a whole concrete rest area built around it. The flow is like a faucet on medium tap – although you can probably only fit a gallon jug under it.

    But the million dollar question is…is it potable? Can someone ask the city to test it???

  9. Jenny says:

    Any news about if the water from the spring is safe to drink?

  10. Jennifer says:

    I went and filled up a bottle of the spring water. It energized me to the point I could feel the energy flowing through me. No negative side affects. It was cool and refreshing. We all drank from it. I’m going back for more

  11. kari says:

    Very interesting topic, thank you for putting up.

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