Road Side Spring, Blue Ridge, VA


Posted: September 18, 2010

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US route 460
Blue Ridge, VA 24064
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Stone wall with a pipe beside the road.

Nearest Address

US route 460

Directions from Nearest Address

From Blue Ridge Tastee Freeze and Market head east. The spring is on the left side of US 460. There is a place to pull off the road and people are there getting the water quite often.

Vital Information

  • Fee: None
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: N/A
  • Temp: N/A
  • pH: N/A

Hours Spring is Open:



Map Link: Road Side Spring Map

Submitted by: Billy Akers

  1. Js_eggleston says:

    Need to change the location to VA, not PA.

  2. Missqt4lyf says:

    Is this water clean safe and good??

    • Lclassic1 says:

      did you ever get a response on your question? I used to get water from this spring more than 30 yrs. ago. Was reading on Dr. Mercolas website about the benefits of spring water. This was one of the recommended springs in the United States as clean, pure and safe. Am thinking about getting some glass jugs and go fill them up. I live more than 40 miles away from the spring now. This seems to be the nearest one in the virginia area that has public access. Have you consumed any of the water from it?

  3. Billy Akers says:

    The spring is on the same side of the road as the Blue Ridge mini market and Tastee freeze.  If you leave Tastee freeze and head east, look on the left side of the road for an old house that is falling apart on the hill above the spring.  The shoulder is wide there where people pull over to access the spring. There is a sign to warn people the water may not be safe.  There is usually someone there collecting the water.  I have drank the water and many people I know have also.  The next time I go out that way I’ll measure the distance between the spring and the Tastee Freeze and try to find better landmarks near the spring. I’m sorry you have had trouble finding it from my description.

  4. Billy says:

    The Google Map pin is west of the actual spring location but if you zoom in and look east you can see a hill to the left, the spring is coming out of this hill.

  5. Pam says:

    Just came back from the Road Side Spring.  A little clarification on the location.  You do head east from Roanoke on Rt 221/460.  The Tastee Freeze is no longer there.  It is now called Burgers, Shakes and Cream and is located on the left side when you’re heading east, the same side of the road as the spring.  You go by the Boxley Rock Quarry and shortly past there, across from Valley Auto Parts you’ll see the spring.  We had to stop at the Burger place they were able to tell us exactly where it was.  There is a pipe coming out of the side of the hill.  It’s surrounded by rock and there is a grate above the pipe.  The water is yummy and well worth the stop.

  6. RunsWithScissors says:

    Traveled to this spring from Bedford.  The spring accessible from the south bound lane but is easier to see from the north lane.  Don’t worry you will be in an area where both lanes are visible without wooded median.  There is a rock wall and the pipe is coming from it.  The auto part store is closed (just a brick building) and it is somewhat across the street.  Coming from Roanoke when you past the Burgers, Shakes and Cream it is gong to be on your left.  You’ll have to u-turn back to it but you will see the rock wall.  Great water! 

  7. Conor Brady says:

    Hey thanks for posting this, what is the driving time from Roanoke?

  8. Pam says:

    It’s just 15-20 ms.

  9. has anyone had this water tested before? my friend was concerned about the new subdivision that was built near by regarding sewage drainage

  10. Dana Robrecht says:

    We were really excited to find this spring so close to us (we live in Roanoke) thanks to this website. We just got water from it a couple of weeks ago. We also bought a WaterSafe well-water test kit from Amazon and tested for the 10 most common contaminants just to make sure all is okay. Thought you all might find this information helpful, so here is what we found:
    – Bacteria — NONE
    – Lead — 0
    – Pesticides — 0
    – Copper — <0.5 ppm (EPA standard is bellow 1.3 ppm)
    – Iron — 0
    – Total Nitrate/Nitrite — 0
    – Nitrite — 0
    – pH – 8.5 (EPA standard is 6.5 to 8.5)
    – Total Hardness 250 ppm (EPA standard is bellow 50 ppm)
    – Total Chlorine — 0

    So the only one above the EPA standard is total hardness. We researched this online and also called the WaterSafe kit manufacturer and found that hard water is not a drinking health concern, only a nuisance (e.g., when you wash dishes, laundry etc.). Hard water is usually due to high mineral content, usually Calcium and Magnesium. We actually read some articles suggesting that there might be health benefits of drinking hard water…. Anyway, we concluded that this spring water is safe for drinking and, indeed, it is very tasty!

    • Neil says:

      Tested this water today for ph, ppm and nitrate/nitrites. All test were done on digital meters except for nitrate/nitrate test, Ph was 8.0, ppm is 124 and the nitrite/ nitrate test was 0/0.

    • geo says:

      Thank you Dana for this invaluable information…as the copper is actually a + in our humble opinion, our bodies need copper, this is why they took away most copper plumbing….humans are more than likely deficient in many vital minerals….also am loving that the pH tests like so here too…as an alkaline state is highly preferred vs. acidic…..Alkalized bodies = healthy bodies
      Thanks again for this info.

  11. Anastasia says:

    The location on this listing is slightly incorrect. It is about a quarter mile north on US 460 (or 221) from the current location shown on the map, just pass Tower road (if coming on 460 from south). If someone knows how to update this listing, please do.

  12. Robert says:

    When I lived in the Roanoke area, I used to use this water and this water only for homebrewing. I am an avid homebrewer to this day and this is the best water I’ve ever brewed with.

  13. Dallas Cash says:

    I am under the impression that the spring is contaminated with traces of mercury. If I am not miss taken there is a sign that posts a warning. I would be very Caucasus of this spring look at the surroundings that should tell you something! There are better springs at petites gap in arnolds valley and hunting creek they come straight from the mountain.

    • Jameson says:

      Are the locations for the other springs you mentioned on


    • TES says:

      I was at the spring this past Friday (6/23/2017); there is no mercury warning sign. (But that doesn’t necessarily mean mercury is not a problem; Jameson reports a level less than 50 ppb, but the EPA standard calls for less than 2 ppb.)

  14. Jameson says:

    I visited the spring and marked the direct coordinates:

    The spring’s pH and alkaline levels were all right around with what was previously stated. Very excited about that. Water is very healthy and alkaline.

    I tested the mercury level to be less than 50 ppb (parts per billion). Thats about as accurate as my reading goes, but I would say there really isn’t any mercury in that water. At least noticeable to my readings.

    The ORP level of the water was about +120 mv, which is pretty good, but I would rather have that be a negative number just for antioxidant purposes. Water is just as safe to drink though.

    After testing many springs around the VA area, I think its safe to say that this will be my go too spring from now on.

  15. A_W says:

    Coliform/E. coli tests performed by Virginia Tech:
    6/22/2016 – Tested postive for Coliform Bacteria (MPN=32/100mL)
    12/07/2016 – Tested positive for Coliform and E. coli bacteria (MPN of 26 and 7, respectively)
    Further testing for bacteria and new tests for Metals upcoming.

  16. George Hill says:

    My only problem with this spring is its popularity . Long wait factor often . The Villamont area once had a large springs resort hotel . Wish THAT spring was publicly available. Must have had quite a flow. A large spring ,also at site of former resort springs hotel,is a little north of Jetersville,VA.

  17. Michele says:

    Living right down the road from this spring I’d love to take advantage of it, but will not. I do not trust the water quality being so close to the quarry. I’ve researched health hazards from being near a quarry & nothing consequential comes up, I do not believe this. Even the tap water is terrible in this area, so hard! Which this is “fine, a bonus.” Well I don’t believe that either. When I first moved here 10 yrs ago we drank tons of the water including from the spring. Now that I have been here so long Ive learned everyone in this area has kidney stones (even the young) and my whole family has some form of Cysts. Which is common with the people in this neighborhood… In my reasoning if hard water clogs appliances quickly why not our organs??

  18. Catbunny says:

    Which I’m pretty sure just means that the health department hasn’t tested it and doesn’t intend to test it. More of CYA for the local governments if someone gets sick.

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