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Posted: October 30, 2009

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River St.
Rock Springs, WI 53961
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Flows from a pipe across the road from the “Rock Springs Corporation” which has trucks parked at it. The tankers are owned by a national bottled water distributor. A local geologist has confirmed that this water comes from a deep aquifer. The pipe is monitored by a security camera.

Nearest Address

River Street, Rock Springs, WI

Directions from Nearest Address

Take highway 136 (if from the East) or highway 154 (if coming from the West) into Rock Springs, then head North where 136 heads North, also known as River Street. The spring is on the East side of the road after the last house of Rock Springs is passed, just south of Van Hise Rock.

Vital Information

  • Fee: No Fee
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: 100-122
  • Temp: 10° C, 50° F
  • pH: 7.5

Hours Spring is Open:



+43° 28′ 59.19″, -89° 55′ 1.94″

Map Link: Rock Springs Map

Submitted by: Eric M., Adam

  1. NekoGurrl says:

    I've been going to this spring since March 2009, water quality and taste is exceptional. TDS always right around 100 +- 5. I travel from Muskego, WI about every 5 weeks to replenish, there where always camera's across the street where the water trucks park, but are a recent addition to the spring itself. GPS – +43° 28' 59.19″, -89° 55' 1.94″

  2. Adam says:

    Hi, can you test the TDS again please? When I went over there last summer it was actually around 150 TDS. Please post your readings, thanks!

  3. NekoGurrl says:

    I checked the latest batch of water I collected back on 2/13/2010 and am seeing readings of 130mSo we are seeing some variation. I will check again when I go in about 3-4 weeks.

  4. Christopher Heil says:

    i had TDS of 122

  5. William D. Stoeckmann - Owner says:

    For the people that do not know, this is a privately owned Spring and any
    “vending” is not permitted at this location…

    Bill Stoeckmann    Rock Springs, Wisconsin  53961

    • Adam W says:

      well I know that across the street is a water company stationed there but this spring seems to be on public property. I’ve talked with the locals there and they said they been getting water from there for years… also may I add there is no sign posted for private spring… That information doesn’t seem right to me….

      • William D. Stoeckmann - Owner says:

        I also own the loading facility across the road.  Check with the court house in Baraboo and you will see who pays the property tax on the property on both sides of this road…

        True– I have allowed people to get water,

        Where do you live and the names of the locals that gave you this misinformation..Bill Stoeckmann

        • Cjwatts77 says:

          Hopefully by the time I get to this spring it won’t have a lock on it… Thanks for allowing people to acces this spring, which flows from an aquifer deep in the earth which no-one can own…

    • James Stoeckmann, Jr. says:

      I think we are related? My G G Grandpa was Carl Friedrich Stoeckmann, a Methodist preacher in the area? Cheers to you — your stewardship of this spring speaks well of all of us.

  6. ThirstyDude says:

    William, what is the name of your bottling company? Can we buy your water from the store?

  7. Cjwatts77 says:

    In a world where we have to pay for so much, it is nice to know that there are still land and company owners who will allow people to acces that which will always flow freely. Thank you.

  8. Liza Abitz says:

    just visited today for the first time! Met a women there who has been drinking this water for 22 years. She knows the man who owns the land and says he is a wonderful man! The water is delicious!

  9. Chad Nadler says:

    I just wanted to thank William D Stoeckmann (owner of the property) for allowing us to get water from here. Me and my family are very grateful for your kindness and generosity and wish you all the best life has to offer.

  10. While traveling, my boyfriend and I visited this water source about a year ago and he’s gone back since. The water tastes good and it easy to get to. Room to pull over and fill up big jugs.

  11. Dave King says:

    Me and my wife will be going to rock springs for the first time this afternoon, staying at our timeshare in the Dells where the water is awful. Will enjoy some fine rock springs water. A big thanks to William D Stoeckmann for keeping this spring open to the public, bless you, for your kindness and generosity.

  12. Shawna says:

    Does this spring contain Fluoride?

  13. David says:

    This is some of the finest water that can be found anywhere. So easy to access and very refreshing on a long road trip.

  14. Jamie says:

    Is this still a free spring ? because i am looking for fresh water due to the fact city water is so harsh on me. I would like to know due to I would be traveling a bit to get it Thank you

  15. Jim Bass says:

    Dear Mr. Stoeckmann,
    Thank you for keeping your well open to the public. You have done a great job of fixing it to be very easy for the public to use. It is a great resource for the locals.

    My family and I have stopped there since the 50’s. Back then it was a mud hole that had a black iron pipe sticking straight up out of.

    Much nicer now. Now I’m taking my grandchildren there, they think it’s the greatest thing.

    May many good things come your way.

    Jim Bass

  16. Bret says:

    Has anyone checked the level of nitrates in the water? Just curious. Thanks

  17. Greg says:

    I’m a Madison resident who has been drinking Rock Spring’s spring water for 7 years. The water is exceptional. Though I’ve never met the owner, William, I’ve met 2 of his drivers and they were great people. I always spend my first 5 minutes there picking up all the trash I can find and I hope others do the same since this spring is privately owned.

  18. SteveO says:

    A friend and I discovered this
    wonderful spring in 2012 while
    passing thru the area. The water is
    the best I’ve tasted!! It’s going to
    be one of my top stops while on a
    motorcycle trip in the next few weeks.
    Thank you, Mr. Stoeckmann, for
    making this spring available to the

  19. justina says:

    Please respect this property. I recently had a bad experience with the owner. DO NOT BRING ANIMALS INTO THE WELL AREA. This means anywhere within the rock circle. There has been almost 10 new cameras put up and they are monitored. I had my dog out of the car in the grass and within 5 minutes the owner was there using some foul language about how I didn’t see his posted sign, which at that time was the size of a postcard, and I needed to keep my G** D*** dog out of the well area.

    • Catherine says:

      Well of course you do not risk an animal relieving itself near a drinking water source. This is a kind and courteous gentleman who allows the public to access his water.

  20. Melissa says:

    Is this spring still opened to the public???

  21. Hi folks, I tested this spring in late April, 2019. I encourage all spring users to share the testing costs and view the results at

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