Samantha Springs, Keller, TX 76248


Samantha Springs located in the North Texas town of Keller.


  1. Is there a spring in the parking lot where you can fill up for free or do you have to pay the “Samantha Springs” company which owns the property? From the look of a few google searches, the Samantha Springs company’s intent is to market and sell the spring water, and not allow for free drive-up. Please be more detailed when posting a spring – clear up any potential issues like the location being at a commercial-owned spring company! and then whether or not the water is free or must be paid for.

  2. After a Google search, I found out that is a spring water bottling factory. You certainly won’t be able to access free spring water here.

    1. Seriously!!!!! A bottling company! ???? Just my luck. I’m trying to find some good old fashioned cool spring water for health benefits and it looks like I’m going to have to drive a few hundred miles. Goog grief, Charlie Brown.

  3. Please be aware that this is a bottling company rather than a freely accessible spring. From what I gather, it is bottled from a naturally occurring spring on family property. If you are in West Texas, this might be a great option. If you’re around DFW, however, I recommend making the drive out to the Canton spring, which is free and widely used. Worth the drive!

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