Sedam Springhouse, Cincinnati, Ohio 45238


The structure has been preserving perishables and watering plants and
people for more than two centuries. This historic building is thought to
have been built in the 1790s; it was once owned by Col. Cornelius Sedam
and was built over a spring that spews a stream of water out of the


  1. I just called them, it’s RIGHT down the street from me and I never knew! It’s in a park and unfortunately I was told that YEARS ago, because of development in the area, the spring water and “other” water sources got mixed together and now it’s contaminated and no one is allowed to drink from it!! What a waste!!!

  2. for whatever reason this spring out is locked up you can look but cant touch kinda deal any advice would be much apreciated

  3. This spring is NO GOOD. Has a sign at it that clearly says, “DO NOT DRINK THIS WATER”. I tried it anyways, and also it is extremely cloudy.

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