Troutdale/Springdale by Dabney, Troutdale, Oregon


Continuous strong flow from a pipe setup on the east side of the road. Really tasty water!

No fees.
Always open.
Open to the public.
Continuous flow.


On the Columbia River Highway, the spring is between Dabney State Park and Nelson Road. Heading up the hill, the spring will be on your left, on the east side of the road.

Be careful parking, the road is on a hill, people drive fast, and my first visit to the spring cost me my driver side window because I wasn’t off the road completely.


  1. Just went to this spring yesterday and the water tastes amazing. Saw a line of cars waiting for it when we got there and more showed up while we were there. I’d love to know where it comes from though

  2. Considering there has been long time chemical farming on the bluff above and many people that live up there (all on private septic systems) have contracted cancer of all types. I wouldn’t drink it. Grosses me out every time I drive by and see someone filling their water jugs.

    1. Considering the test completed above, Portland tap water AND water bottled in plastic bottles both have higher toxicity and cancer causing contaminants than the water flowing from this spring. Perhaps the reason people in the are contacted cancer of all types is because that is how most humans end our lives – various types of cancer.

    2. I’m wondering why the testing came back alright if there are chemicals and contaminates in this spring water.
      I live in Portland, will you recommend a different spring that you feel is good?
      Thank you

      1. This water looks like it is really very drinkable. People in the state of Oregon pee into water that is more suitable to drink than most people in the world are drinking. Snobby white supremacy mind takeover.

      2. Thank you for the test results Annika. Have you been collecting water from this source regularly? Curious to know how it’s been going since you got the results.

      3. Hi Annika,
        Do you drink water from this spring? Living in Portland and not wanting to drive far, I’m frustrated trying to find a spring.
        Where do you recommend getting the water?
        Also, if you have been drinking live spring water for awhile, do you feel a difference in your life?
        Thank you I know that’s a lot of questions but I’ve been wanting to find good live water for years and haven’t had the chance to do it.

      4. Thank you for doing this! Looks like not much to worry about and infinitely better than tap water! Do we know the source? Is this artesian water?

      5. Thank you for taking the time and resources to get this spring tested. We’re probably going out to get water from this spring today. It’s likely we will test the ph at some point.

      6. Hello. How did you come to select that lab so far away- isn’t there one local,? What did they charge and how long did it tKe please? Thank you

      1. Here are the correct coordinates for this spring:
        using the link for the itouchmap.
        Thank you!

  3. Been drinking water from this spring and I’d like to know who manages it. At some point I saw an “unofficial name” for it, like Erik’s well or Arnold’s spring.. anybody know?

  4. I have collected water from this spring and had the park system tell me that I shouldn’t drink it, that it was actually runoff? I am hesitant to believe that they knew what they were talking about, so if you consistently drink from this spring or have done a water test can you let me know?

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