Twin Spring, Manitou Springs, CO 80829


Posted: July 1, 2016

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121 Ruxton Ave
Manitou Springs, CO 80829
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             From the book
                             Healing Water~ Sacred Springs
                                               by Dr. Joy Dunkin
Twin Spring
 The Twins, feeling and thinking, set the healing process into motion. Motion is movement and movement makes energy flow.
 The physical body is the structure by which the True Personification, the Spiritual Self, experiences life in the third dimension of time and space. The physical body is the DENSEST part of the four component energy system.
 Long long ago in Lemurian consciousness there was no separation of the spiritual body,  mental body, emotional body and physical body. This four-component energy system was one unified system functioning as a WHOLE complete body.
 As human consciousness (Atlantis) shifted toward technology, that was not in alignment with the laws of nature, the physical body became more and more dense and pushed the etheREAL bodies outward.
 The emotional body generates the energy for feeling the emotions, that are attached to EVERY life experience. There are only two root emotions LOVE and FEAR . All other emotions stem from these two root emotions.
 The mental body generates the energy for thinking~~ the energy for consciousness. Research understands a great deal about the brain, but the mind (the mental body) remains a mystery to science.
 The mind exists within every living cell of the WHOLE body and not only in the brain. The manner in which the cells in the body function is directly related to our state~ or level of consciousness.
 NOTE: The shape , size, condition and function of the physical body of the human species evolves according to and in direct proportion with Humanity’s level or state of consciousness.
 The spiritual body is the True Personification, the Spiritual Self, the Higher Self. It is this energy system that generates energy from God, The Source, Great Spirit, The ALL  that IS .
 This True Personification knows no beginning nor ending of energy. It is like a natural spring of water, always flowing, always in motion~ unless it is dammed up or blocked.
 These three etheREAL bodies, which are dense physical body pushed outward, are expressed as an aura of LIGHT around the physical body. They are very real and their energy is measurable by modern scientific instruments/technology.
 Life energy flows from the Source through the mental body then through the mental body and then the emotional body, moving downward and inward to the physical body.
 Life energy returns upward and outward from the physical body through the emotional body and then through the mental body back to the Source.
 When the energy flow within and between any of these four components is blocked, the result  in dense solid form, is disease, dysfunction, disorder and degeneration in the physical body. An extreme blockage of this energy flow results in death or the termination of the physical body.
 This WHOLE energy system of LIGHT  is constantly in motion. It resonates to a frequency wave length, that is determined by the mind’s level of consciousness.
  Evolving of consciousness is not possible without the expression of emotions. The healing links in all this are emotions and thoughts ~~ feeling and thinking. Regardless of how major or mundane each life experience is, every life experience has emotion(s) attached to it~~ emotion(s) rooted in either Love or Fear.
 When the feelings of these emotions are suppressed, the energy from the emotional body becomes dammed up and blocked.
 Blocked energy creates depression, which is sustained by thoughts in the mental body. These thoughts are in motion throughout the mind in every cell in the body.
 Depression is translated into the physical body as a depletion of magnesium, which is one of the most important chemical regulators of the immune system. Chronic fatigue and pain cardiac arrest, fatal cardiac arrhythmia, hypertension, and epilepsy are among the physical  symptoms, when the flow of magnesium is deficient.
 Some of the foods high in magnesium are soybeans, carrots, beets, peanuts, and sesame seeds. However all soil throughout the entire Earth is known to be deficient in magnesium. It is no longer possible to naturally get the magnesium that we need from foods.
 The chemical abbreviation for  magnesium is “Mg” and it means “magnetic.” Magnesium does not come from the electric Sun above through photosynthesis. It comes from the magnetic Earth below.
 All 10 subject wells and springs contain magnesium, and Twin Spring has the highest content. Since the surface soil, that grows our food is deficient in Mg, it is of even greater importance to have access to the drinkable treasure of magnesium-rich Healing Waters from deep within the Earth Mother.
 The body of the Earth has cellular memory that penetrates the depths of time. The Earth Mother remembers everything that has occurred above her, upon her, and within her. A  Shaman’s task is to know the Land.
 Knowingness or knowledge is accessible through Her Waters and specifically the wells and springs. To the Celts memory was supreme, and knowledge was not possible without it.
 The Human body has cellular memory that penetrates the depth of time. It is our task to know our bodies. This knowledge is accessible through Water and specifically the water in our blood.
 Water has been forever understood to be magnetic, feminine energy relating to feeling and the emotional body.
 It’s twin, the air, has forever been understood as electric, masculine energy relating to thinking and the mental body.
 The mind’s responsibility has forever been to keep safe ( to survive ) the physical body, as it is the physical body through which the Spiritual Self experiences life in the third dimension.
 The word “emotion” means motion or movement. When the emotional body suppresses it’s feelings relating to life experiences, the energy flow, memory and knowledge, of those feelings is blocked from the mind.
 Suppressed emotions are the catalyst for disalignment and separation of body, heart, mind and spirit.
 Separation from wholeness or oneness creates chaos for the mental body, whose responsibility is to maintain survival for the physical body. This chaos produces  dysfunction, disorder, disease, degeneration.
Thoughts created by the mental body are based upon the flow of energy that it receives from the emotional body.  All thoughts radiate an electrical charge, which forms an energy pattern and clearly induces wholeness and wellness or separation and illness.
 As feeling and thinking can make us ill, it can also make us well. It is well known by the Indigenous ones and medically accepted by science, that the human immune system directly tied to, bonded with, thoughts and feelings, just like Blood Brothers.
 Thoughts alone create our reality. The Medicine for the present and future is akin to the Medicine Stories of the Healing Waters and the Sacred Springs. This is radiant vibrational Medicine, that facilitates the release of dammed up, stuck energy and archives oneness and wholeness again.
 The human blood needs the essential minerals that are present in the Healing Waters. As the flow of life energy returns to the spiritual body from the physical body through the emotional body and the mental body, these minerals activate blockages that exist within the emotional body.
 These essential minerals, therefore become the facilitator of healing, the teacher of wholeness.
 The mineral Lithium, Li, is recorded only at Twin Spring and Manitou Soda Spring according to the current list of Mineral Contents. Lithium has the LIGHTest density of all minerals, and is a soft silvery, highly reactive substance.
 Lithium is a heat transfer medium, or a medium that transfers or exchanges energy. The presence of Lithium in the body is required in order for the body to manufacture serotonin, which is also required for the manufacture of melatonin, which is a crucial neurochemical for brain function and energy exchange.
 Like it or not, understand it or not, the whole human being is an electromagnetic energy field of radiating life force, which flows up and down, in and out, through a four component energy exchange system, which is as measurable as LIGHT.
 We are a system of LIGHT. The densest form of this system is solid matter~~ the physical body. Our system is either whole and well or fragmented and ill depending upon our level of consciousness. When we shift,  or move our consciousness, we shift our LIGHT.
  Lithium by it’s very nature has the capacity to move energy, transfer energy and facilitate a shift in consciousness .
 Medical science interprets the action of Lithium to level out  the mood swings of depression, and science openly admits that it does not have a clue how this works.
 Science attempts to offer an explanation using a secret language something like this: “It MAY ACT by stabilizing brain activity alterations between receptor density.”
 So, medical science knows that Lithium works a s a medium to transfer energy, which facilitates a shift in consciousness, It becomes very dangerous for science to attempt to explain the healing activity of Lithium, because to go any further science would have to admit the existence of the four-component energy~exchange system and it’s flowing kinship to all healing and wholeness.
 Earth Mother knows that Lithium is the element that opens up the receiving channels between the emotional body and the mental body, as the life energy flows downward then returns upward and outward again to the spiritual body.
                         This is the Medicine Story of Twin Spring
 Originally , the drilled well of Twin Spring was tapped by two separate pipes from which flowed two separate flows of water. The water that is available to us today from Twin Spring, is water that has been joined together into one flow coming from one font.
 The Healing Waters deep beneath the Earth at Manitou Springs are a mineral treasure chest, which is open and available to all who have the courage to follow their infallible instinct on their journey back to wholeness.
                                            Peace be with you.
May you open your heart and mind, your emotions and thoughts, your thinking and feeling to the Source that flows within you~~
                                                 your LIGHT
                                                           TRUST YOURSELF
  1. Thomas says:

    Stopped here yesterday and also looked around Manitou Springs overall. From reading some of the reviews, I wanted to try another spring down the street, and I found it, but there was no parking for several blocks around. Managed to sneak a space for a few minutes a few steps from this one, so decided to go for it. The flow was gurgle and inconsistent, but still managed to fill my 3 gallon jug in under 5 minutes. The Chief Ute spring, also up the road a ways, was completely out of service. Very cool sculpture there, but no water at all. :/

    Water is very high in mineral content, almost to the point of tasting salty, with a hint of carbonation. Not bad, but I couldn’t drink it all the time. Even though I have been sipping it as I drive back to Cali, I’ve been stopping for other drinks, since I still feel thirsty. For those that like drinking Gerolsteiner, or similar European style waters, they will probably enjoy it more. When I get home, I’ll try cutting it with my local spring water, to make it.less’ intense’.

    The area is well worth the trip. Be sure and check out Garden of the Gods, just a short distance away.

  2. Babaleaf says:

    Yes to this spring ! I’ve been there 3 times now when ever I’m passing through the Area of co passing through here is gift to slow down stop the vehicle get out and fill 6 – 5 gallon jugs accumulating 30 gallons of good drinking water!

  3. Alex says:

    I’ve been to all of the springs in Manitou. Most people regard this one as the most “palatable” along with the spring by the church right in town (Shoshone spring).

    A local confirmed that the water does change in taste throughout the year.

    I tested this spring with my TDS meterL: approximately 110 ppm.

    I was surprised that it was so low – the water is indeed very intense, and more “medicinal” than “everyday”.

    My personal impression is that this is excellent to drink for a cleanse or detox, for shorter periods of time rather than every day. It can cause a bit of stomach upset but very mild and I would not say it is a negative thing.

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