Mt Donna Buang Natural Spring, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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A natural spring (not carbonated like mineral water).

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Directions from Nearest Address

Drive through town of Warburton and turn left onto the Mt Donna Buang turn off. Drive up the the mountain till you reach a huge space like a carpark. The water is on the right hand side coming out of a fountain

Vital Information

  • Fee: No Fee
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: 80
  • Temp: 9° C
  • pH: 6.2-7

Hours Spring is Open:



Map Link: Mt Donna Buang Natural Spring Map

Submitted by: Nem


  1. I have been using this spring for all my water consumption for a few years now. I know that it has been tested by 2 NATA registered testing laboratories as the cleanest water they have ever tested. Many alternative health practitioners recommend their clients to drink this water.

    A great tip is to make it electrically active as if it is still just coming out of the spring is to shake vigorously for 5 to 10 seconds before drinking any water for that matter. Another added bonus is to add some raw unwashed rock, lake or sea salt. In combination makes the meridians highly conductive for health, vitality and energy.

    I have transformed my health by using this water and method of activation above in combination with a new health technology based on communication with the meridians to achieve optimum Anti-aging. Even growing new hair on top.

    Clean electrified water is essential for our health.

    Check on Google about Dr Emoto's experiments on water quality.

    In summer you can be waiting for 2 hours to fill up your containers so go early or very late.

    Abundance in Health.

    David Wischer

    1. Hi David,

      I know this is old, but I’m wondering if you tell is more about the testing that was done on this water 🙂

      I have been drinking this water exclusively for 3 years. I go with friends and we collect up 700 litres at a time.

      I love it and sweat by it! When I’ve tested it with my TDS meter, the reading was 9 ppm. That was in 2020.

      Despite my love for this spring, I would like to know more about the history, origins and functions of the spring.
      1) Where does the water actually come from? Is it from underground, or from ice, river run off?
      2) If it’s from underground, why does it get muddy and cloudy when it rains?

      3) What artesian or water table does it come from?

      4) Has anyone has the water properly tested for miner content, bacteria, heavy metals, etc?

      While I absolutely love this water and have collected over 3000 litres with friends, I want to know more about where this amazing water originates.

      IF ANYONE has info, please post here about it, or email me at

      If anyone is interested in my experience of collecting, storing and using the water for over 3 years, please contact me.

      Summary: It’s amazing, delicious and feels really good. Everyone loves it and believes it has medicinal/spiritual qualities.

    2. Hey just logged on here, not real sure if i’m writting to the right person, but did you live in Yreka, California several years, several years ago?? My name is alice cook, and i too used to live in yreka, california. Let me know if this is the right guy!! thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. Mt Donna Buang – Natural Spring Water, Victoria – BitChute
    The Spring is located in the Yarra Valley, overlooking Warburton in Victoria.
    The spring is easliy accessible as it is located at the 10 Mile Picnic Area Car Park – You can not miss it.
    The Totem Animal for this Spring is the Lyrebird.

  3. apparently the water is contaminated because animals like bores wash in the water wher ethe water comes from the surface of the gound to interconnect to the water where you get the water from. please ask rangers. people are removing the warning signs where it alerts people the water is only good for animals. this isnt a hoax or a conspiracy of stopping people from drinking. there is plenty of other places to get spring water.

  4. Orgone energy is the biggest benefit of springs water. It can not be measured with any apparatus for clean water. Spring water is declared as a Live Water. Use the magnets to make it better. Use to shake your drums from time to time. Do not take larger amounts, up to two-month use.
    Do not worry about bacteria and impurities. Springs water has an Orgone energy. It brings the health, definitely.

    1. Our family has been going here for spring water for over 20 years now. We collect about 4 months worth and have never had a problem with the quality of the water after this period of time. Never tasted better water than this.

  5. Bobby, that’s not good news, how do you know what your saying to be true because previous comments from others indicate that it has been safe to drink and tested to be very clean. Anyway, I have ordered my own test kit for bacteria. I’ll have to find out for myself. When I do I’ll let you all know the results. Happy drinking 🙂

  6. I have only been drinking this water for Two months, understanding that our body is over %85 water i now only put the best in my body hydrating my body and soul. The two other guys that I go up to the mountain with share the same love for the water as myself, we drive for around 1.5 hours one way to get the best, Love the water 🙂

  7. Has anyone had the average mineral content of this water tested? Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc ect. I agree the water tastes fresh and is very nice to drink but digestible minerals from the water is where the real secret lies in water. That’s why when you read the back of Evian you see a higher content of minerals than most other waters and also why if you drink a lot of it you find your hair and nails grow expectionaly strong and your feel very hydrated.

    Don’t know if this one has been tested but the Daylesford water has been and it’s mineral count isn’t as impressive as you may hope.

    I am trying to find the best water to be drinking regularly at home that isn’t going to cost $3 a litre like Evian. Was drinking Evian whilst recovering for surgery in Thailand and the difference in hydration and skin health was immense.

  8. Hi everyone you can get big glass bottle from( Brew N’ Grow) Google it. Bottle come in sizes 5L 15L 20L 35L 54L I have used them for two years now. it’s all good.

  9. I visited the spring for the first time on 2nd Feb 2011. My TDS meter gave me a reading of 13 and temperature was 9° C. I got there at 4pm in the afternoon on a 30° C day and there was no waiting, only one other couple there filling up all their jerry cans.

  10. We’ve been getting water from this spring for over a year now and love it. We collect about 100litres in glass containers with cork stoppers and it lasts about 2 months without going bad. Do yourself a favour and get some real water into you 🙂

  11. I've been to the spring the last two weeks in a row. The water is great, refreshing and clean (as far as I can tell). The drive is worth it too with the great views along the way up the mountain. The spring is split into two so there are two outlets and makes it great for filling a lot of bottles and containers at one time. I feel lucky to have a spring so close to home. The water keeps really well and haven't noticed any change in the freshness of the water.

  12. I recall an article in the Leader News some years ago about a Private Water Bottling Company negotiating a deal with Council for bottling Mt. Donna Buang Spring Water. Did that deal fall through ??? I used to get water up there for years.

  13. I took my first trip to this Spring last week and made a day trip out of it with my friend. We travelled from St Kilda, Melbourne and with a lazy day drive stopped at Warburton for lunch. Such a cute place. Then travelled to Mt Donna Buang which was only another 22 kms further on and collected our water. We couldn’t be happier with the quality. I can say this was the first of many trips up the mountain for us! Great spring, easy and accessible spring fountain and a good solid flow of clear beautiful water.

  14. …No,… the water is poison, evil, smells like football socks full of toe nails. my teeth fell out, increased flatulence. “gimmie, gimmie, go away!”
    But seriously, the spring water is fine 🙂

  15. Worm/parasite found in water. Iv been collecting water for over a year and have just spat out a thin long worm or parasite!

    Not sure what it is but its long and thin and white.

  16. We love drinking Mount Donna Buang spring water. We live in the Dandenong Ranges and make the ritual trip out there often to fill up our reserves as we are on rain water and spring water we find far superior. Never had an issues, it tastes great and feels good.

  17. I’m thinking of going this coming week commencing 07/05. Has anyone been recently? Is the water still muddy, as someone mentioned months ago? Any concerns? Thanks.

  18. Been there on a hot sunday morning.Lots of people queue up there in the afternoon. Collected the water, tastes inert, lacking any carbonation or particular qualities.

  19. hi everyone, recently i got spring water as usually but this time i noticed the water to be muddy as soon as it rained, has anyone had that issue before and is it recommended to get the spring on dry weather?

    1. Yes! We had this happen to us when we tried to collect after heavy rains! we had to throw out the water as it was visibly dirty. we will try again after a week of dry weather

  20. I have been collecting the water since 6 month and was really happy, last time the water seems very cloudy and not clear. does it have to do with strong rain? did anybody hear the rumour that people stopped using the water since the toilets have been build right above the spring?

  21. also went from Melbourne, if you follow Google maps it takes through the unsealed road, which is apparently quicker but closed June-October, and you come from the other side. So make sure you some from Warburton.
    Water is really good and easy to collect, there are two springs. Depending on the time you might need to queue up 🙂

  22. If you are in Melbourne, Australia and need glass bottles we have lots of cleaned organic juice 750ml empty glass bottles & 1lt bio-dynamic juice empty bottles. Perfect for local spring water.
    .75cts for 750ml & $1 each for 1lt. Contact on 0407 550 433 to see pictures or arrange viewing. Lots in stock. Left over from organic icy pole business.

  23. I went and collected water from this spring yesterday and it is so fresh, alive and beautiful… well worth the 1.5 hour drive each way from Melbourne. The scenery is gorgeous and you can go for a hike while you’re there.

  24. I just got off the phone with the tourist centre there and they have assured me that the water is perfectly fine and that they in fact use the water themselves, can’t wait to go down and try it for myself

  25. I’ve been drinking this water almost exclusively for nearly two years. I don’t believe it’s ever made me feel ill nor have I suffered any ill effect I know of from it as yet.
    It really is pretty nice.
    It keeps for many weeks, but is a bit nicer when fresh, so I think something in it may settle over time or change.
    I gathered 50 litres today and it tastes and smells inert and leaves no after taste.
    I have heard a warning sign was once at the outlet. But I’ve been bottling water while the ranger was and they didn’t say anything about it so I assumed it was ok.
    I figure they’d remove the outlet if it was really a health risk. Too many people use it.

  26. Bobby: What other springwater spots in Melbourne are free from contaminents/bacteria?

    Kathy: Have you done any testing of the water?

How to Collect Spring Water

Drinking pure spring water is one of the most important things we can do for our health. Our bodies are over 99% water at the molecular level, so water affects every aspect of our biology. Yet, not all water is created equal. Almost all the bottled spring water available is pasteurized for shelf stability, which neutralizes many of the powerful health benefits such as increased hydrogen, healthy probiotics, and crystalline structure. For more about why unprocessed spring water is the best water to drink, read this.

The best way to guarantee you are getting real unprocessed spring water is to collect it yourself. This is a short and simple guide filled with information about how to gather spring water. We will cover how to find a spring, how to collect the water, how to honor the spring, how to store the water properly and other tips. is the best resource for locating a spring near you. However, not all springs are on the map. First, check the map to see if there is a spring in your local area. If there is, look at the reviews and comments. Has anyone shared helpful information about flow rate or posted a water test result? Is the spring in a pristine area? Do a bit of research and make sure the spring is safe to drink from. If you have any doubt about the purity, don’t risk it and get a water test, HERE. If you don’t see a spring on the map in your area, there still might be some that aren’t listed yet. First, ask the older generation who have lived in your area a long time if they know. You can also ask people in your community who might already get spring water such as people at a health food store or at a farmers market. Another great option is to view A US forest service map, where many springs have been marked. You can view these maps through the Gaia GPS or All Trails hiking apps on your phone. The map overlay you want is USGS Topo. Not all are easily accessible or ideal for drinking, but some are and it can be a fun adventure to find them. We have found over half a dozen great springs this way.

Once you’ve found your spring, figure out how you are going to gather the water. Is it right on the side of the road and easy to access or do you have to hike to it? We recommend storing spring water in glass instead of plastic to preserve the purity of the water. It is better for the environment, your body, and the water. Even BPA free plastic has toxic chemicals that can leach into water and cause health issues. If you do want to use plastic for safety reasons when filling at the spring, we recommend transferring the water to glass as soon as possible. FindASpring is sponsored by Alive Waters, which offers beautiful reusable glass. They have a 2.5 gallon option, which is a convenient size for carrying that isn’t too heavy. They also sell handles that you can use to transport the jugs even more easily. If you have to hike to access the spring, we recommend putting the water jugs into an extra large backpack to hike the water out with ease. We use Osprey packs that hold 2 jugs each. You can also use a wheelbarrow or even a stroller depending on how easy a walk it is.

Filling 2.5 Gallon Alive Waters Jug

When you get to the spring, remember to first give back before you take. Springs are considered sacred in indigenous cultures around the world for their life giving water and also as a connection to the inner earth. A powerful and simple way to give back is to clean up. Is there any trash that needs to be collected? Could you move any dead leaves or sticks to improve the flow rate? Show up in service. Some other wonderful ways to give is with a moment of expressing verbal gratitude, singing songs to the water, offering the water an ethically sourced crystal, a feather, or some other physical gift. Flowers are a popular and beautiful thing to offer, but please be careful to source organic ones as most flowers from the store are sprayed with pesticides and can be toxic to put near a spring. Also, flowers can attract bugs as they decay, so it can be best to offer them to the flowing water directly or a little downstream from the spring head.

When gathering the water, fill the jug as close to the spring head as possible, never gather downstream. Be very careful as wet glass is extremely slippery. Make sure the lid is securely fastened. When transporting the spring water home, the jugs can sometimes slide around the car. Secure them in place or wrap them with towels or something so they don’t crash into each other.

How you store your spring water is essential. It is not pasteurized like spring water from the store, so it will start growing algae if left in direct sunlight. This is good because it means it’s alive! If the water you drink can’t even support the most basic life forms, how do you think it will support your body? Store your water in a cool, dark place such as a dark corner, pantry or closet. The fridge is ideal if you have room. Some people prefer to filter their water through a Berkey filter before drinking, but if the spring is pure, it’s not necessary. We drink our spring water completely unfiltered.

How long the water stays good for depends on how cold a temperature it’s stored at. Spring water is best fresh. We personally do not prefer to drink spring water past 2 weeks old. However, we know other people that will drink it at a month old. It’s great to get in a rhythm where you know how long the water lasts you and put your collection day on the calendar in advance.

I believe that water is calling us to reconnect with her in the deepest way, to gather our own water. Just like our ancestors did. Our ancestors didn’t have fancy water machines. They also didn’t create villages or settle where there was no water. Water was revered as the center of the community and the nodal point around which life could spiral out and take root.

Here’s to restoring the sacred connection with the waters of life.

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